Friday, 03 July 2020
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Chemtrails Confirmed

By William ThomasTrade Paper: 324 pagesISBN: 1-893157-10-5
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Chemtrails are real. Who would you believe? Airline pilots, U.S. Marines, Air Traffic Controllers, Congressman who oversee America’s “exotic weapons” projects. Journalist, Investigator, Will Thomas has put together a well researched book on the chemtrail phenomena, the different stories and utilization of the sprayed chemicals creating the change in our atmosphere, how it is effecting you, the latest scientific findings on weather and artificial cloud cover, spraying of the chemicals and how they are effecting your respiration and health, with lab test results. This book explores the manipulation of our atmosphere in many ways.

By William Thomas
Trade Paper: 324 pages
ISBN: 1-893157-10-5




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