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MY FOCUS OF PURPOSE (TM)* IS UTOPIA 5 years 10 months ago #4043

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My focus of purpose (TM)*
*Use for personal use, not for profit. However, "wonderful abundance" is okay.
(within the galactic flow. : - )
(Had I not trademarked this, no doubt the dark side would and shelved it for NO ONE to use.)

"focus of purpose" - pg 146 Handbook
"Our co-operative effort and it is that, must begin, continue and end with focus on a completed goal. It is the composite of dreams of what a Utopian world would be like, one that each would truly like to experience that will bring this to pass. This is the opposite of the resistance that is expected. How much time do each of you spend in this “utopian daydreaming” process? Survival daydreams are more the norm in the group that we are depending upon for this formative process. Granted such a thing as easy earth compatible energy sources are a part of that dream, for luxuries of easy living are not appealing sacrifices for freedom of oppression. This is what is automatically supposed will be the cost of such change. Would a new paradigm of experience be without comforts? Different comforts probably, but I doubt anyone will feel any regrets for having given up the present situation. This again is the “resist or be shoved backwards” thought process that must be abandoned. That you want what will make your experience even better is a given, and it should be assumed. It must also be assumed there may be a short period necessary to endure in order for this change to happen, but it can be shorter than you might imagine. When this pivotal project is accomplished, our help is not only allowed, it is mandated. It is the beginning “think tank” discussions that will bring about the beginning of the change of expectation to an ever-expanding group. Think of a stone tossed into a pond. The ripples reach out to a effect a greater and greater area. We call it a critical point, you refer to it as the “100th monkey theory”. Think of the counter thought group as having to send the ripples in from the outside to the middle. Remember they are creating what is not in accordance with the laws of God. Their concentration is toward containment while your focus is toward rippling outward. Now, which one do you think works better? When these ripples meet (pg 42) what happens? If you are using the same pond water, which one is likely to overwhelm the other, especially if the stone that is dropped is becoming larger and larger in what might be interpreted to be slow motion?

Remember there are vibrational effects that are and will be brought into being that cannot be observed by you. Each time the thought pattern is focused toward the goal, it becomes further intensified. As it intensifies, it becomes more magnetic and attraction begins to build. You are not likely to surprise any of the contacts. What you are most likely to hear is that it has been in their thoughts already, but they just hadn’t made the effort to follow through with its implications. The process will become appealing and challenging when you begin to dream of ways to use the mechanisms put in place for the use of those of opposite intentions. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Rather than destroy and resist, it might be possible to use some of what they have in place for your own intentions. You have focusing powers that are capable of many things when there is group participation and a few innovations of your own can be added. Remember the pipe that sends vibrations to the crops in the fields? Ever wonder what else it is capable of doing? You might be surprised. Even the sound embedded in Dan Carlson’s music tapes for the growth of plants might be interesting in the presence of their focused vibrations. Just a thought or two about what you already have available."

"The parents of this dream must have the understanding, that 3rd dimensional parameters must be transcended and thought must be focused into the higher expectations of a new dimension. Trust in the personal responsibility of its citizens will be the key to the foundations of that new perception. It is the password, so to speak, for entry into this experience. Honesty and forthrightness are practiced without question. Your 23rd psalm translation misrepresented this by the word “righteousness” which was given the meaning of judgmental attitude, in particular, the actions of others. Instead, it was meant that each was to be responsible to live rightly within the personal focus of their life attitudes and actions. This would result in finding that games of inappropriate action will not work if no one else will play by those rules. There can be no victims and no martyrs if no one will play that game. This may sound naive considering the chaos around you, but that is the difference. That is the leap that must be made, through the assumption that humanity has a critical mass that is ready to assume this shift in perception. The profit motive at the expense of all others has not lead to Utopia. Man in true prospective is a radiant being, meaning created to give outward the expression of the Creator’s Love, not to live as a usurper with only the intent of drawing all toward himself as depicted by the material experience. The experiment of this has left him hollow and unfulfilled. This shall be the opportunity to experience what will satisfy and fill his heart cup to running over." HANDBOOKFORTHENEWPARADIGM

"The “one-upmanship” of accumulating and maintaining material wealth is a moot point. During the period of chaos facilitating the transition, those with intent to assist in the birthing of the new paradigm, rather than the maintenance of values to be transcended, will be assisted in having available what is needed to superintend facets of organization that are necessary. These will not be in the focus of leadership, but of setting the ideal or archetype of cooperation. Once before, a question was asked for your contemplation. You were asked if you could conceptualize a system in which there were no levels of leadership or hierarchy because they were unnecessary. Unity of focus based on personal responsibility to fulfill the harmonious (shared) goal of “becoming” through individual experience sets up a cooperative environment. Cooperation replaces competition and fear is no longer present."

"The new paradigm must be a cooperative group focus of desire within a clearly stated purpose that can be held in focus for a period long enough to bring it into manifestation.

You can now understand that what the focus group must accomplish is to create a clearly stated purpose that is appealing to all of humanity. Attached is the apologia of an essay written in 1899, long before instant communication. It chronicles what happened when it was published in a small inconsequential magazine. (pg 113) It was called “A Message to Garcia”. If this one inspirational message could travel the globe then think what effect one encompassing message of purpose could do within our goal!"

If you're going nowhere, try this:
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MY FOCUS OF PURPOSE IS UTOPIA 5 years 10 months ago #4045

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I like it!

But my brain trips over the word "utopia" - too idealistic to be attainable.
... how about a "golden age"?

My purpose is a new golden age!
You are the saviour you've been waiting for!
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