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TOPIC: Focus of Purpose

Focus of Purpose 5 years 10 months ago #4014

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"The next step is either participating in the conception of the
beginning statement or the proliferation of it once it is conceived
and the further conception of the bare skeleton of what the new
paradigm is to become. Not rules and regulations, but what liv-
ing within it would involve. Dreaming the dream in a sheer play-
ful mode. A rose was created through a play of possibilities. A
lily, a monkey, a squirrel, an otter, an elephant were all created in
a playful mode of potential possibilities. Man/woman must
become child like and consider outlandish and outrageous possi-
bilities until the perfect ideas begin to gel. This is best done
within groups with the same intent. Even the most closed will
join the spirit of the task and often have the most amazing con-
tributions. The host/hostess must set the mood of safety and
spontaneity and allow the group to take it from there. Levity
opens the door to creativity and the release of true human nature.
We are all the children of creation and are set loose to playfully
learn who we are and what we are truly capable of doing, gov-
erned only by the laws of the universe. It must however, be
firmly understood that these do strictly govern, are immutable
and every act outside them draws its effects within creation’s own,
not necessarily sequential, timing. This is known now as divine
order." Embracing the Rainbow

Sikh friends told me (paraphrasing), "All 'really spiritual' writings have sexual meanings to them." Spiritual appeal and/or sex appeal - that covers almost everybody. "It is the brevity and the universal appeal of it within the diversity of 6 billion beings that is the key. Though it seems impossible, we assure you it is possible." pg 135 Handbook

My focus of purpose (TM)*
*Use for personal use, not for profit. However, "wonderful abundance" is okay.
(within the galactic flow. : - )
(Had I not trademarked this, no doubt the dark side would and shelved it for NO ONE to use.)

Statements of Purpose:
My focus of purpose is creative expansion.
My focus of purpose is a new vibratory experience.
My focus of purpose is higher dimensional (Vibratory) experience.
My focus of purpose is creative expansion to a new vibratory opening.


Puzzle Pieces:
"vibratory level of planetary experience" pg 9 Handbook
"higher dimensional (vibratory) experience." pg 84 Handbook
"highest (finest vibratory) level of awareness" pg 91
"focus of purpose" pg 146
"a new vibratory opening." pg 67 Handbook
"purpose of returning to balance and adventuring forth again." pg 170 HANDBOOKFORTHENEWPARADIGM
"The point of this segment of information is not as a sermon,
but instead to illustrate how a statement of simplicity and appeal
can bring forth change in a way that resolves and literally dis-
solves intermingled and interrelated distorted patterns of experi-
ence." pg 161

My focus of purpose is to work in harmony with, guidance from, friendship with /oneness of highest (finest vibratory) level of awareness.
My focus of purpose is to experience life for the purpose of returning to balance and adventuring forth again.

Statement of Purpose - It's already in the handbook. The "puzzle pieces" are awaiting you. (clues/codes are in the Handbook, e.g.: "Defining the purpose... "credit of writing will go to no one individual.") The Handbook is more than something to read, its interactive. The Handbook for the New Paradigm is multi-dimensional. "Not rules and regulations, but what liv- (pg 62 Embracing the Rainbow) ing within it would involve." Have fun. : - )

"Defining the purpose will not be an easy process. Many ver-
sions will be proposed before ideal wording can encompass it.
This is meant to encourage ones to begin, for the first step must
be taken so that progress can be made toward the goal of bring-
ing it forth. It is the brevity and the universal appeal of it within
the diversity of 6 billion beings that is the key. Though it seems
impossible, we assure you it is possible. We remind you to ask for
guidance and help at these sessions. Egos must be in their
observer states for the credit of writing will go to no one individ-
ual. It is the desire that it comes forth in perfection that must be
the motivation. It shall stand alone in its purpose of encompass-
ing the foci present on earth into a focus of expression into
greater experience. Again we remind you of the breathing
process. It will be taken in by the conscious awareness, contem-
plated and expressed outward through desire for its manifestation
into each personal reality and held dearly while it happens. We
wish it were other than a lifeline for drowning beings, but that is
the experience you have created." HANDBOOKFORTHENEWPARADIGM

"There are many puzzle pieces within these lessons that will be
assembled by each serious endeavor to do so. Amazingly these
completed puzzles will each be a unique piece that will fit into
the puzzle at the next level. You exist within a dimensional whole.
Even the pieces are dimensional rather than flat. A necessary shift
in how you conceptualize is available as a stepping stone for
greater understanding. When you add dimension and life, which
is thought thinking, to the game board, it lights up. Through
your imagination you can begin to perceive movement within
flow." pg 170 Handbook for the New Paradigm
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Focus of Purpose 5 years 10 months ago #4021

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Hi PyramidGuy,

Your unshakable enthusiasm and study of the information in the Handbooks is admirable and seems to me fanatical dedication!

Also your experienced E.T. message revelations from using Peet's Coffee Shop Internet are most intriguing!

As for your Purviance Pyramid and Wifi, EMF Protection gizmo's - I don't think I am qualified to give any opinion yet - but good luck!
Contemplate for Enlightenment
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Focus of Purpose 5 years 10 months ago #4022

  • PyramidGuy
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the "open-air orgone frame" pyramid, called the Purviance Pyramid works very well at clearing the air of pollution like chemtrails. No chemtrails as far as the eye can see. Ask anybody in Los Angeles. They'll probably tell you they haven't been spraying, but,.... yes they have.

As for expert in the Handbook, I have to read it all the time right now. I was literally with the devil at the coffee shop for the last 4 or 5 months. I quit a day or 2 before Robin Williams died. Now I realize who the guy I was talking to was, is. Initials DS, acting initials D Powers, DP - Dept of Power, DS - Devil Satan. Since 2010 I thought it was CIA or NSA or some secret governments shadowing me. Now I know otherwise. All the dark magicians on tv, they're the satan gang. This DS guy is one of them. He used my energy for his agenda. The first month meeting the guy at Coffee Bean, 4 guests on Coast to Coast died. Ended with Robin Williams suicide. DS very instrumental in that no doubt. Last text I got from DS - "Did you hear the news! Robin Williams commuted suicide." (What's he trying to do there? I know what he's trying to do. It's not going to work.) Anyway, my lesson is, "it's not secret government, it's the satan gang."

When I first got hold of the Handbook I loved it. I read it everyday at my guard post. Back about 2007. Must have read the book over 200 times back then, so I got kind of expert. I tell you though, reading it just now, I feel great!! I feel I can get rid of that DS guy from my head real quick - oh yeah, he and that Criss Angel guy have been trying to take over my mind since I stopped going to the coffee shop. I tell you though, I don't trust anybody out there, they've all got some dark side in 'em. I"m not paranoid and I feel just fine, but this planet has just really really really gone. Maybe they have to read the handbook like I do. I don't think that's true. Maybe all they need is their statement of purpose.

Long reply. Don't feel you have to give one as long or any reply at all. Thanks for responding. It's nice to talk to somebody.
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