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TOPIC: Interesting interview

Interesting interview 5 years 3 months ago #4166

  • jacobsntj
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Hey everybody,
I found an interesting video with David Icke. I have never read any of his books nor seen his lectures but I thought this interview what interesting.

What is your opinion of David Icke?

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Interesting interview 5 years 3 months ago #4167

  • Mathieu
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I've followed David Icke for many years. I have watched many of his lectures and read 3 of his books.

After reading the the books (i.e. HBNP, Embracing the Rainbow and Becoming) I suspect that David Icke was one of the people who was contacted/guided in order to expose the truth.

However, like it's mentioned in the books, facts and conclusions reported by David Icke (or the contacted ones) are tinted with their perception and background. In other words, considering the information and discerning it is the key. The only reason why I write this is to highlight the fact that we all have blind spots and a limited perspective/view/perception of what is going on. Consequently, our conclusion will inescapably be skewed one way or another. Even if the books give us a general sense of what is happening, much of the grand scheme remains unknown to us, especially when it comes to details.

My opinion is that his intention is not directed towards personal gain but more in line with helping others.

If you watch a few of its lectures you will find mind blowing similarities with what's in the books.

Hope that answers your question.

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Interesting interview 5 years 3 months ago #4168

  • freelion
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That's what's interesting, because if you listen to what he said in 1990, he constantly mentioned that the world was out of balance, similar to what George Green has been saying.

Truth first.
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Interesting interview 5 years 2 months ago #4169

  • Contemplative
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I once met and spoke with David Icke 6 years ago at his home town, Ryde on the Isle of Whight here in the UK. I sensed an electrifying aura about him that oozed love. He is crippled with arthritis but you don't notice this because he maintains normal mobility and peace of health through herbal and holistic medication.

I have read all his books and material. His knowledge of the British establishment ruling classes and their connections to out of world alien entities is phenomenal and unprecedented. The mainstream media establishment block all his efforts to reach the masses and will try to ridicule him at every turn. His research work and ongoing alternative media information about the worlds political situation, together with his personal life history is all documented and updated daily on his excellent website: All his videos are also archived on his personal YouTube channel and updated weekly.
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