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TOPIC: Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle

Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle 6 years 4 months ago #3919

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I share with you here my understanding of The Handbooks.

A few years ago I discovered George Green and, but not by result of seeking greater truths. By leading me to The Handbooks which happened to be hosted on George's website, greater truths found me!

Like many of you the information in the Handbooks immediately resonated with me. I could see the written messages were articulated skillfully giving it unique authentic authority. A written format that is impossible to misinterpret, take out of context or disseminate for misinformation.

Greater truth finds us in short time, by our intent to know truth. Result of which we will also know where further truths are quickly found. How many of you trawl media information for hours, joining the dots of truth never finding greater truth? Hone, sharpen and focus your intent and the information containing greater truth will find you, saving you the wasted long time looking for it.

To me there is a recurrent theme in the Handbooks, which is knowledge that helps us understand why we exist as miserable, suffering humankind. The theme is "Creation"... Is humankind created and therefore controlled? Or is humankind a creator and therefore the controller by intent? The Handbook theme challenges us to consider and discern that we are both the Creator and the Created as one Creation.

Just as I question "Why am I alive" and "Why do I exist? so too must CREATION. Surely? This "questioning" seems to me, to be the Universal Principles of Law that maintains order or chaos. Since CREATION is all knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent and infinite, we should discern that if CREATION questions it's existence, then it is using order and chaos to answer those questions. Result of which elements such as humankind are on the chaotic side and can only experience in obscurity (time). Elements on the ordered side experience in clarity (timelessness).

Have you ever wondered why most people just can not "awaken" and reject all our attempts to help them. Simple, they don't ask "questions" about the human condition or "questions" about life, the Universe and everything. Until they do, there is sweet fanny all, I or you can do to help them. Giving such people the Handbooks to read is futile. "Questioning" everything is an intent to gain all knowledge and a fundamental first "must" to survive chaos and find order.

The information in the Handbooks teach us how to survive in the chaos, by including detailed instructions and demonstrating how Universal Law works. Call it Spiritual Law or Moral Law if you want it is still Universal Law in motion.

The Handbooks tell me that it is "a given" for humankind to transcend the suffering that is chaos: Just focus my "Thoughts" with correct intent to set in motion order within Universal Law to create a "new paradigm clarity of experience" which will put me back in control and know I am CREATION.

The workings of the applied information in the Handbooks are not mysterious to me, because I constantly question the human condition and gain insight. Your own experience of the Handbooks is different to mine. If you accepted it's guiding principles, then, I am sure, you understand it as I do. But, of course, you will express it in other words.

So what should I do meanwhile? I will stay in the observer mode, as instructed by the unknown authors of the Handbooks.

Analysis by confronting any information or actions is the road that adds suffering to the human lot. Best to learn how to avoid, not fight the cause of your suffering.
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Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle 6 years 4 months ago #3935

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I share with you my self contemplating thoughts, put in writing, to help me create a transcending solution for changing chaos and go into the new paradigm of order and Greater Truth.

Why is government for the guidance of people necessary?
An unproductive question because the results of "good government" are exploitation, chaos and harm.

the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration.

Government is not necessary to the existence of civilised society.

Why is guidance for the government of the people necessary?
A productive question because the results of "good guidance" are truthfulness, order and harmlessness.

the act or function of guiding; leadership; direction; advice or counselling, especially that provided for students choosing a course of study or preparing for a vocation; supervised care or assistance, especially therapeutic help in the treatment of minor emotional disturbances.

Guidance is not necessary to the existence of civilised society.

Choose carefully if you want to exist as a civilised society. Do you want governed control or guided influence? The real answer is we don't need civilised society to live. We need the wisdom to know something better. Since we all have to first come together as civil humankind to gain knowledge of greater truths and happily live otherwise, then choose guidance above government.

Know the greater truth of "Right" by observance of Universal Principles that attract chaos or order according to your intended thought. You will then gain the knowledge and wisdom to righteously guide as little as two different people living together or as much as billions of different people living together.

1.) The internal population has small local guidance everywhere. Coordinated by locally elected leaders that meet together as a national "Guidance" in the people's chosen fixed central location place for administration of their services to local level. Their elected leaders are also ambassadors that meet or greet foreign leaders to peacefully exchange ideas for the common good of all races and creeds, including humankind.

2.) The internal population recognise all media information or disinformation and discern truth or untruth accordingly. They simply judge, not people, but the results of peoples' actions. People that unintentionally cause harm to others are helped. People that unintentionally only cause harm to themselves are also helped. People that intentionally cause harm to others are penalised with loss of liberty and isolation - the severity of which is determined by the severity of harm caused. People that intentionally only cause harm to themselves are simply avoided. Therefore the people have no need for legislative internal or external laws or statutes. They, instead, have only one universal rule: Never intentionally harm anybody by thought deed or action.

3.) The internal population interact with external populations to gain sustainable qualities for all life by exchanging and trading surplus quantities. It is only done by non profit to either side for recipient peaceful negotiation and relations. The agenda of this interaction is to increase power by forming alliances to help eliminate suffering and protect well being for the good of all universally. This good guiding interaction agenda further facilitates free choice for preferred sovereign or global status within the whole world population.

The independent and global ideologies will work in harmony together as both learn each others harmful actions by demonstration of good guidance. Result of which good incorruptible world administration is created and it will be learnt that "government" was a wrongly invented controlling harm and it's concept will be abolished. It is then realised the world population has "guidance" instead, and now the people elect Guidance leaders. As little as two or as much as ten zillion indigenous people can freely choose to socialise only among their own kind:

4). The indigenous population know rights to stop internal and external exploitation of their property, land and natural resources.

5). The indigenous population know rights to challenge internal or external culture to enable peaceful exchange of ideologies and promote good relations.

6). The indigenous population know rights to defend against external confrontation that revoke any freedoms to internal settlement, visitation or transportation on the lands or waterways of their country.

7.) And God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Poor God. Should have challenged the age old question: Why am I alive? It proves you're a malevolent God. You only created us by focus of warped intent thought, and received lesser truth by return.

Rejoice! - what you have created will help you answer that question when we reach our own 7th day. On our 7th day we will have gained the wisdom to answer the age old question, and be benevolent Gods above you. Our focus is of good intent thought and it reaps the reciprocal Greater Truth.

We together are the all knowing Creation and not the unknowing creators or created.
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Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle 5 years 10 months ago #4009

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I am stuck half way through Embracing the Rainbow, having problems continuing with the reading.
On one hand it is talking about those who are destroying the planet by sucking out all the oil, and how we will have much needed alternative forms of energy available in the new paradigm. On the other hand, it is talking about buying gold as a means of security, which requires mining the teeth and bones out of Mother Earth. This inconsistency troubles me. Why is is bad to drill oil wells and okay to dig gold mines?

Another thing that seems a little unsettling to me is how and why the Pleiadians have engineered this planet for 500 million people. And was it the bad Pleiadians or the good ones, who were doing the engineering? Why not take measures to prevent over population instead of murdering the excess? Did the Pleiadians need the pain and suffering of billions of dying people for some reason? Is that why they refrained from teaching people the importance of birth control?

If they engineered the planet, seems like they would take measures to insure that all of their planning work is not for naught, unless it was the revenge seeking clan that did the planning and they were up to no good. 500 million people does not seem like enough to keep a planet of this magnitude adequately manicured. But I am not mathematician. I hope the statistics are in the rest of the reading.

What was the planet engineered for?
500 million slaves?
Were they planning to build 500 cities (slave camps) of one million each?

My mind was whirring at first, and I felt very enthusiastic about the information. But I had a couple of really bizarre dreams about being in a circle with a whole bunch of really strange horrible looking creepy beings that did not look very humanoid. One of them was a little guy who was trying to kill me by stabbing me in the back.
It didn't work. He couldn't hurt me. But I had to figure out what to do about this person who was determined to murder me. So I suggested that we all go for a walk and everybody thought that was a good idea.

There were 600 billion people on the planet in the 50's and we had dreams of creating a utopian society.
Hopefully there will be more information forthcoming about the engineering and planning for 500 million.
Seems like preventing people from being born would be a lot better plan than killing them off.

It is kind of hard to trust those who would make plans to kill billions of people.
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Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle 5 years 10 months ago #4012

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Hi Glaxony,
I can empathise with all your feelings about the Handbooks.

That there are created non human entities out there is self evident to me.

There are the malevolent kind (such as Pleiadians), waveform energy of ritual and ceremony devoid of empathy and imagination. These sad beings are part of Creation but do not choose infinite love, without which their manifested universes have no equality and balance. They can also steal others' manifestations by imposing disordered lovelessness, disordered finite time and disordered hierarchical servitude. Their real perceived purpose as existence is the experienced disordered part within the Creation oneness that just "Is".

Then there are the benevolent kind (such as our galactic author friends of the Handbooks information). These happy beings are waveform energy that have chosen infinite love. Also part of Creation, they manifest harmonious universes through loving imagination. They can also return manifestations stolen from others by offering freedom of choice information truth about ordered clarity timelessness, to restore loving balance. Their real perceived purpose as existence is the experienced ordered part within the Creation oneness that just "Is".

Infinite love is the truth vibration waveform of Creation which maintains imagination of equality and balance. Everything (included malevolent and benevolent, negative and positive) is a single unified and Infinite Awareness and "Creation" is it's imagination.

Planet Earth was/is manifested (or "engineered" as you say) by benevolent imagination. The real planet Earth is NOT solid and exists in harmony as interacting positive and negative waveform energy. Human kind was/is being manipulated (deception-perception) by malevolent lifeforms into believing we are mortally limited by linear time and our limited solid five "senses" of sight, audio, smell, taste and touch.

Awareness is ALL encompassing negative and positive waveform energy. To reject the notion that all things are certain and possible is our unbelieving negative side. To embrace the notion that some things are uncertain and impossible is our believing positive side. Result of which we only experience limited existence as solid Humans on a solid Earth; whereas we are really waveform infinite awareness that have had manifested solidity malevolently put on us.

Our all encompassing awareness is imprisoned in Earthly and Human solidity by alien entities devoid of empathy and imagination. They didn't manifest or create our prison - because negative waveform energy entity beings cannot create. They have merely stolen the original not solid harmonious planet Earth that was/is manifested by others and manipulated it to suit their own warped experienced existence.

Hello...planet Earth was/is stolen and we were/are brought here and imprisoned as manipulated slaves for the exploitation of all it's energy to maintain the negative alien experience.

To break free one must simply choose to end all deeds, actions and thoughts about harm. Being infinite awareness we have ability to know empathy with all the malevolent and love for all the benevolent.

Empathy for things like population control. Being unconditionally selfless, where you give your life to help others and don’t seek to reproduce more, can be a biologically meaningful in a solid world. The Pleiadians and their like know this, which is part why they keep us imprisoned in our solid perception. In the Pleiadian's knowledge of non solid waveform energy existence, population control is conditional selfless survival. So in the manipulated solid world they must follow accordingly.

Can you empathise with that? It's the beginning of breaking free and knowing truth to survive your own demons.

The world is utterly mad...potty, batty, cuckoo and completely off its rocker. Of course, anybody who has more than two brain cells to rub together and is not in serious denial knows we live in an authoritarian plutocracy world run for the sake of a small clique of mega-rich and powerful global internationalists.

That this global elite, and maybe me too, are controlled system server slaves for malevolent galactic entity beings is my demon to overcome.
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Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle 5 years 10 months ago #4013

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"We are humans becoming, help us become". This is a prayer? I like it. Who is this prayer to? Our creator (s)? I just finished ground crew again. I will enjoy some discussion. I will start new paradigm again as well. I agree this dimension is crazy and all that. Seeking, finding sanity, logic or purpose is my quest. Thoughts on where our " prayer" is going?
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Understanding The Handbooks: Full Circle 5 years 10 months ago #4020

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huminbean wrote:
... Seeking, finding sanity, logic or purpose is my quest. Thoughts on where our " prayer" is going?

Hi huminbean,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on "We are humans becoming, help us become".

Here is my simplistic answers to your questions. Discern wisely my friend.

Your prayer is going where you direct it to go! Not to our creators, I hope not! They created our human flesh and bones prison bodies. Yes, there maybe beauty about our body/face appearance in the eyes of beholders. But do contemplate our bodies have come with abominable biological functions that cause physical suffering. For example thirst, hunger and waste eliminations. The desire for food and drink causes suffering the same as hatred causes pain. What warped intents our creators have. Yuk!

And we cannot pray to Creation because we ARE Creation, albeit infinite awareness experiencing attachment human bodies, that are not of our own making.

We have benevolent galactic friends out there, whom WILL help us, but only indirectly. They hear our prayers loud and clear, but can only assist us, not rescue us. Victim planet Earthlings, as individual or mass consciousness has not evolved to a level of responsibility that warrants direct help. Until such time as we can prove ourselves to be cooperative and non-aggressive toward any benevolent extra-terrestrial helpers, we remain high risk human condition psychopathic contamination.

Our benevolent galactic friends know we are "human becoming" but it our responsibility to learn how and what we intend to "become". And their information such as that in the Handbooks is testament and proof that any good within us is not forsaken by them.

Therefore before you pray for their divine help, use your imagination that you have "become" something other than your present solid Earthly form, and that you are experiencing bliss and harmony. Again with imagination know to whom your prayer is aimed at. Also imagine you are going to be the actual energy vibration frequency prayer-message winging on its way.

Focus your prayer thoughts with correct good intent from within the chakra (energy point) of your heart, (only trained minds that can stop "thinking" should use the third eye head chakra energy point). Feel your manifested prayer message going out your heart and through the holographic deception perception solidity and arriving within the receivers of our kind, benevolent E.T. galactic friends.

Remember we are all infinite awareness. Possibilities are limitless. Prayer is Thought manifesting intents within Creation - our imagination.
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