Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Embracing the Rainbow: Volume II

Trade Paper: 144 pagesISBN: 1-893157-05-9
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Volume II of the Handbook For The New Paradigm contains the continuing series of messages guiding its readers to accept the concepts contained within them for the purpose of creating a new life experience for the “humans becoming” on planet Earth.  Each message broadens the conceptual understandings of the necessity to release the limitations that have been thrust upon humanity preventing them from understanding who and what they truly are. It contains surprising truths of some of the shocking deceptions intentionally taught that limit and separate mankind from their opportunities for spiritual evolvement. It defines how it is possible to take back the heritage of self-determination, freely create ones own destiny and heal the planet and humanity as a whole living entity through the suggested dynamic process.


Trade Paper: 144 pages
ISBN: 1-893157-05-9


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