Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Egyptian Civilization

ISBN 978-097991769-1 Egyption Civilization - it's Sumerian origin and real chronology and Sumerian origin of real heiroglyphs - L.A. Waddell
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Waddell's research into the Egyptian civilization and theory that the first Dynastic Pharoah of Egypt, Menes was identical to the son of "Sargon the Great: of Samaria". His research shows that the empire extended from Samaria to Britain and gives you the lists of the kingdoms and rulers of various dynastic peoples. Waddell's interpretations help with your understanding of other translators of the Sumarian materials that are available and of the enormous problem in translation of any language for understanding.

288 pages including 27 plates, 97 detailed illustrations and 2 maps.


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