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TOPIC: Economy

Economy 4 years 2 months ago #4201

Hello george i just heard about u about a month ago just saw your 2 vids about the big picture really interesting and i belive you is that im hearing alot of things that is gonna happen this september about the economy going to collapse the blood moon prophecie and a supposed asteroid or comet is gonna hit earth so wanna know your opion about this i modt cocernd about the economy is gonna fall i know is gonna happen all part if the elite plan just wanna know is it gonna happen this year thanks i hope it doesnr happen so i could meet u on your conferences thanks????
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Economy 4 years 2 months ago #4203

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The world economy based on dollars is tanking. Other countries have the same problem, ie Russia and China. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) does not have a definition of money. I would be glad to send you the document specifically on the subject from the IMF if you notify me. The only real money according to the IMF is gold. The problem is determining the value of the currency used to gold by various countries and new laws/regulations on owning and trading same. I will be discussing same in my coming lecture and will hopefully have a better handle on how to protect assets. You have just seen the market collapse in China, and I am forecasting worse here. I was operating my firm as an underwriter when our stock market collapse 20% in one day. I received a letter from the Federal Reserve to loan me all the money to maintain the market in what stocks we initially issued.I notified my fellow broker dealers and decided to just close up as I knew what the companies really were worth. The following week, the Federal Reserve put 8 members on the floor of the stock exchange and they are the 'PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM". since all retirement accounts,consist of stocks and bonds, the whole system is failing. There is not protection for the retirees, the pension funds, and as I said on the George Noorie show, our whole country will collapse because of derivatives. check the interview out on his website. I will be with George Noorie in a couple of months and will probably put on another show. Predictions and future thoughts can be changed only if we get enough people to Read the Handbook, Embracing the Rainbow and Becoming. We are all a part of the creators thinking and this planet is in the end phase of this cycle. What are we going to create since "most" are asleep? George
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Economy 4 years 2 months ago #4205

Yes thank u i do wanna see the imf document and plus i do wanna go to see you in person when are u having a another conference here in usa and i live in ca. Hope from here from and an just started to read your books
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Economy 4 years 2 months ago #4206

One more george there alot of??? That i wanna ask u is there away we could contact by email or phone plz and thank u for your response
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