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TOPIC: Why do you neglect this site?

Why do you neglect this site? 5 years 3 months ago #3977

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Thanks, I am no savior. The source of this material tell me that I have had much training for my job as my experiences in many fields allows me to converse with people to awaken them to their own job, which is to save themselves and awaken as many others with a solution that they can utilize in the chaos and try to stay as balanced as possible in the "observer mode". Sharing the Handbook and the series, and even the Talmud Jmmaneul which was done 2000 years ago for clarification of the religious teachings help. George
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information for others 5 years 3 months ago #3978

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George Green, I love you.

Unlike everyone I have ever come across, whom discuss this "bigger picture", yours is no ‘feel good’, guru-like, false prophet form of totally dubious and ephemeral ‘help’ for humans’ troubled lives. You are harmonious, truthful, real, insightful, ameliorating love that the world has been so in need of. You have shared with us your personal life journey and experience and told us how it led to being a messenger for the ground crew and greater truth information. Your capacity for honesty of all this is literally staggering.

Having these insights into what it means to be "human becoming" brings such clarity and change to everything. I may not have met you or personally know you George, but staying in close contact with your shared information on Global Insights and nohoax .com has changed my world. In a world that is so distressed and psychologically crippled you bring me relief, security and optimism for the future like nobody else that I have ever encountered on the Internet. To "Keep on Keeping on" is easy for me - I'll never stop! John

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information for others 5 years 3 months ago #3979

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Yep, forums aren't active, but I'm sure I, (and most of you) check the forums regularly :).

George is right about discernment. It is so easy to become indulged in the new age information, thinking, that the universe will lift and everything will be alright...well...I hope that's how it turns out anyway...and yet, I still find myself getting indulged in the material world, still obsessed with it, but I try to remember this body is a shell, not something to be obsessed with.

I find myself constantly searching for one person, for one belief that I can cling onto, and believe that to bring myself some relief. But every time, I seem to find conflicting information, and am moving from belief to belief, to the point where I don't believe one specific thing. Heck, there are times when I think that this is all some kind of game, just for fun, that we created this experience to see what it would be like to live in a world where there is deception everywhere. But who knows? In fact, I don't think I really believe anything anymore lol. It's all so much BS...

When David Icke describes the controlling force of our planet "Deceptors", it makes perfect sense.

Some final words: Thanks George for still staying around, good to know you're not dead (In a figurative sense, not literal :P). I'm probably not doing as much to help with my own awakening or others awakening as much as others on this site, but I do spread the handbook when I can.
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