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TOPIC: Billy Meier/Quetzal and their relationship to you

Billy Meier/Quetzal and their relationship to you 5 years 6 months ago #3943

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Hello Mr. Green,
First of all I wanted to thank you for all the work you do and did. You were one of the first people that I seen on the Internet(in an interview and some of your lectures on YouTube) that started my thinking process and my research into the world/realm that we don't see when we look at our usual media.
I'm pretty much just a regular guy from Germany(28 years old, university student) that some time ago got a lot of your publications on this website and also the handbooks. My English isn't the best. I tried a lot to take your handbooks seriously and really tried to make use of them. I have to say I learned quite a bit but for me they seemed actually to unrealistically(to practice them purposefully in everyday life) and too unpractically. So I stopped about half a year ago using them. During my research(around the time I found out about you) I found out and heared about a guy called Billy Meier. That was one and a half years ago. I listend to pretty much everything I can get about you and him on the Internet. Then I went last year just like you there to find out for myself. I got first a couple of materials(thankfully everything in German:-)), then I went another time with even more matrial in my pocket and the last time(July 2013) I entered the FIGU as a passive member because I started to believe the story and liked to help the cause/message they are promoting. At that time I even got to know Billy and was able to talk to him about different things(mostly everyday things and whats going on in the world). And now I am working for his message actively in the german group of the FIGU.
My question or questions to you are the following:
1.I told some of the members of the FIGU about you and that you and your information got me started to take pretty much part in the mission to bring back humanity to the laws of creation and in "balance"(harmony) with it. I first read the Talmud Jmmanuel in your english version(now I got the current version in German) and told them about this. One guy responded to me and I found out, that the FIGU got a site on the web that warns everybody that they don't take any responsibility for the actions that you are taking(I can look up the site for you if you want to). I really wanted to know the connections between you and Quetzal and why they are saying something like this now and on the other hand I heard(you said it in one of your videos) that Quetzal was mainly responsible that made you take action in publishing the handbooks. That I just can't understand at this point.
2.The handbooks are really painting a to me very disturbing picture. That was always my main problem with them. They tell me to prepare for something that is happening in the future that is really really bad and we have to prepare for it. It is a long time ago I read them but they offer me to little solutions(that I can practive or my english is just to bad and I can't make sense of them). Therefore I wanted to ask if it can be true that they are only useful in countries like the US and are not meant to countries in Europe for example? I think that(especially in Germany or every German speaking country) we now got the true teachings of the creation in its purest and most truthful form by Billy himself so why turn to the handbooks anymore? And aswell we got all the conversations of Billy with for example mainly the "Plejaren".
3. In one of the handbooks it says that there are conspiritors with agendas that are at the level of the creator of this galaxy/universe... and I mentioned this aswell to FIGU members and tried to find it in Billys materials somewhere and one guy said that this is total nonesense and our problems on earth are only coming from degenerated humans on earth that are only out for power and control. Religions etc.
Can you say something more specific about that or should we not tell names like it is also stated in the handbooks?
4. Since I started reading the handbooks something happened to me. You said it could happen that we get in contact personally with some ETs. I haven't met one yet(I guess^^ since many of them look like us/since they are humans) but until today I often feel a strange noise in my brain or even in my ears and I am not crazy and I am not ill but its like somebody is watching me in my brain and thoughts and this signal or impuls hasn't stopped whereevery i go. Now I think it is not from this earth... and only I can hear it... and it is as if somebody is scaning or analysing my brain... do you have an idea what that can be?
5.I actually wanted to ask you something more... but for the moment I hope you can reply to my questions so far. I come back when I got the other ones;-)

For now I wish you all the best for your mission/work and let's hope and do as much as we can to be able to get this earth a better place as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely / Salome
Christian K.
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Billy Meier/Quetzal and their relationship to you 5 years 6 months ago #3944

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An interesting post about German understandings of George Green's work and the Handbooks.

A few years ago, I explored the idea of getting the Handbooks translated into Thai and Chinese. My english speaking cantonese and thai friends, advised me it would require a scholar of extraordinary talent to transfer the true meanings to be understood by the oriental cultured mind.

A definition of grammar is inordinately difficult to isolate from the definition of another language. For instance, the true context of an english written article should be enabled into a foreign language translation so the meaning of the context cannot be misinterpreted from the original work.

The Handbooks are not ordinary english books or reference works and require special attention so the true meanings of it's messages are not lost when read in a foreign language. Therefore it is vitally important that expert linguistic skills can be applied when translating something like the english written Handbooks into a foreign language.
Contemplate for Enlightenment
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Billy Meier/Quetzal and their relationship to you 5 years 5 months ago #3952

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Hello Comtemplative,

thank you for your reply. I absolutely agree with everything what you are saying. That's why I still turned to the original english version of the handbooks although there is also the german translation downloadable on the same webpage here. When I was reading one after the other, it felt as if I was reading two different books on certain pages and topics.
It is with text that tries to express specific and deep meaning in little and precise words in one language that makes it so difficult to tell this in another language with the same meaning that doesn't create room for other interpretations or understandings. And probably sometimes translations aren't even possible because some languages just have words that others don't have with even a similar meaning.

One more question to George:
Hello George,
I also wanted you to ask you about what were the latest messages you were getting from the ET groups you are in contact with? And also when? If you can tell that. And also which type of groups you are working with. That I never really heard you say. That would be interesting for me and I would like to tell this to Billy and have the opinion from his perspective on that or even better be able to understand which type of ET groups with which agendas are here and dealing with earth human beings.

And some very new information for you and all the english speaking people on the true and now combined teachings of all the prophets that were on earth( 7 with Billy). A book that contains all these teaching was until a week ago only availiable in german and is now also avaliable to study in english. I prefer to study and apply these teachings(which you could call the teachings of the creation/spirit) rather than working with the handbooks:

You can download it from here/ for free:

If there would be a real/true bible than this book would probable be it^^

Wish you all the best George

Schöne Grüße / Greetings
Christian K.

P.S. Are you planning to speak/lecture in Europe this year?
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