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TOPIC: Looking for a Community

Looking for a Community 5 years 9 months ago #3844

  • Alli
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So where can we be in closer communication these days, live in community with like minded folks?
It seems more important then ever to seek out those who are also in search of truth and committed to playing a positive role as members of the ground crew. We are looking for a community. Any suggestions?
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Looking for a Community 5 years 9 months ago #3846

  • damnage
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Basically, you're there. There are over seven billion people on this planet, and it's virtually impossible to feel as though you're not in relationship to most, if not all of them. We, the human cellular structure of the planet not only have our own little conciousness grid going, we've even managed to construct a neural network we named "the internet", which basically pulls a great many of these "cells" together into a cohesive collective thought process. We're watching a global brain emerge into its infancy.

I guess what I'm getting at is, like it or not, we're all one. We're individual conciousness sharing a co-created experience. I feel as though finding like-minded people in this experience is a cop-out. I'd rather find my polar opposite and bring him or her into the knowledge of what's happening and why.

To take the analogy a little further, think of the illuminati (or whatever you want to call the cabal at the top) as cancer invading the body. You and I are healthy cells who want to stop the cancer cells from speading and destroying other, healthy cells. We don't do that by finding other healthy cells that recognize the cancer. We do it by engaging the healthy cells that feel the cancer is benign and showing them how dangerous it is. We do this with patience, knowledge, and understanding - never with fear or anger. Remember, EVERY, and I do mean EVERY human being has the potential to be an Einstein or a Mozart. We're ALL the expression of divine conciousness in the universe. Actually, I believe, we're an expression of a universe trying to understand itself.

War, politics, corruption, things like these are RESULTS - Symptoms of a greater, underlying problem. And, quite frankly, they're problems we created ourselves, either through our actions and intentions, or our inaction and apathy. We need to address the underlying problem, the disease, if you will, the cancer. We need to shed light on it and show people, without doom and gloom showmanship, what our problems really are and what causes them.

Don't head for the hills. Trek into the valley. Drop some breadcrumbs of truth. The people who pick up on them will have questions, be prepared with intelligent answers. You'll make new friends, trust me. People are STARVING for truth right now.
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Looking for a Community 5 years 9 months ago #3848

  • admin
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There are several "ground crew" groups around the planet now, and somehow asking for guidance and requesting same puts you in contact with others that are supporting each other. As the game of control and reduction of population increases, the obvious movement from large population centers is a good idea, however, each has its journey to understand and help others. Challenging roles for the individual in cities, but also in the small communities that are forming.
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Looking for a Community 5 years 1 month ago #4007

  • Glaxony
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Seems to me these communities must be created. Send books to people. Schedule meetings. Send out invitations. Post an announcement on Craigslist.

Here is a sample Statement of Intention and Outline that is not too detailed because fleshing it out should be the adventures of a new future.

Purpose: Heaven on Earth

Mission Statement: Global Peace, Prosperity, Freedom and Healing for Everybody through Deliberate Conscious Creative Thoughts and Actions

Motto: “It is the Victor that Writes the History of the Future”

Premise: Everybody would like to do good things, feel appreciated, be healthy, feel happy, love, be loved in return and prosper without interfering or interference from others (even the global elite who are concerned about solving an over population problem and how to manage too many human resources).

Strategies: Congregation, Information Sharing, Meditation, Prayer, Chanting, Drumming, Dancing, Singing, Praise, Hands on Healing, Mirroring, Responsible Self-Awareness, Pro-active Political Action, Community Building, Conscious Capitalism

Tools: Intimacy, Creativity, Compassion, Kindness, Knowledge, Determination, Empathy Skills, Understanding, Resilience, Intention, Networking Opportunities, and a Supportive Environment

Taboos: Shame, Unexamined Misunderstood Anger, Destruction of Property, Taking Something that Does not Belong to You Without Permission, Harming the Planet, and Physical Violence (unless it is required spontaneously and immediately to protect your own life, or the life of someone that you love)

Focus of Meetings: Topics that are of interest and/or benefit to all, exercises that are designed to increase knowledge and empower people to become pro-active constituents helping to protect the planet and manifest heaven on earth, healing presentations and demonstrations, the opportunity to develop greater self awareness and fine tune interactive personal skills, uplifting inspirational talks and entertainment

Exercise Suggestions:

Week One~ select one sentence from the book, read it to the group and tell them what it means to you

Week Two~ rewrite a sentence in the book to make it more concise and explain your paraphrased version to the group

Week Three~ choose a sentence in the book that you don't understand, read it aloud to the group, and allow the group to reach a consensus about what it means

Or just pass the book around and have each person read a paragraph, or just one sentence. Those who don’t like to read out loud can just listen. Cover one chapter per week and discuss the chapter.

After doing this, light a candle and say the prayer "We are humans who are becoming, please help us to become."

Say the prayer for everybody you can think of who might be a member of the ground crew, but doesn't know it yet.. For example. "My friend Bill is a human becoming, please help him to become." Etc Etc.
Give the book to Bill.

Get creative when you put things in the circle and you will be amazed at the things you can manifest. There were some people in Austin who were stuck here for over a year and couldn't figure out how to get home. We called in all the spirit guides and they went home a week later.

Tell people to bring a health snack to share when they come.
Let everyone socialize afterward.
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Looking for a Community 5 years 3 weeks ago #4019

  • PyramidGuy
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Would a new interaction with the Handbook be a new community? Check this post out and see what you think and where you can take it. It's called "Focus of Purpose" in the Handbook Related section.
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