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TOPIC: Going toward the light?

Going toward the light? 3 years 3 months ago #4360

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Hi Everyone,

I read in David Icke's new book Phantom Self that going toward the light is actually going into Lucifer, "the bringer of light" and would cause the soul to be reincarnated here on earth. All mediums I've read say to go toward the light in what we call death because if we don't we'll be trapped in ghostly form. Does anyone know about this?

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Going toward the light? 3 years 3 months ago #4361

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In his book Phantom Self David Icke explains that we are all Infinite Awareness having an experience being human. In some of his other books, David Icke tells us Infinite love Is the only truth and everything else Is illusion.

Therefore, during a near death experience, any perceived "light"
at the end of the tunnel is also illusion. As Infinite Awareness, whether we have reincarnation or not, or even have ghostly form after death is yet just another experience in the cycle of our life.
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Going toward the light? 3 years 3 months ago #4362

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I've heard about this myself. Funny how they say we're here to learn "life lessons", but you conveniently forget everything you learned in a past life and have to start all over again. Whether this is manipulation by TPTB making us forget, or part of the learning process, I have no idea.

Now I'm interested to read the phantom self. I read his last two books, will be interested to see the new information this one has to present. seems as time goes by, I feel like I know less and less as to what is really going on...

I recently this year found Mark Passios work on natural law, I recommend you guys check that out.
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