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TOPIC: Question on Time

Question on Time 4 years 6 months ago #4137

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Hey Guys,

I read a book on Time Travel and the author proposed that our past, present, and future occur simultaneously. This made me think of what is attributed to Emmanuel when he said "what you search for has already come". If the future is already here and the universe or multi universes have come to their natural extinctions then what does that make the present? Since time isn't linear is everything simply locked perception?

Just curious, did anyone sign up for that one way ticket to Mars?

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Question on Time 4 years 6 months ago #4140

  • AlioMcDavis
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You only seem to be traversing an ancient path for the first time" Paraphrased from A Course in Miracles

There are an infinity of potential fractals, "Moves" that can stepped in to from any point in time or place by you, God, isness, conscious awareness...... whatever you call it. The seeming "Movement" of creative thought through the inevitable exploration of the limits of unlimitedmess is the yoke of existence. There's no choice in this. You are that you are, I am that I am and smilingly enough, we is what isness is. There is no "Isn'tness". "To be or not to be..... that is the question" :)

So yes, it all exists at once and comprises all that I am, you are and isness is and can be.

The Earth game is your, our, it's beingness exploring "That which I am not". Why? Because it can. Therefore it must. So having explored that to the furthest extreme, what's next?
What's now the possibility? You see? That's why the winning is inevitable. Enjoy playing your role. It's a forever show and the end is splendid, beautiful and inevitable....... but no hurry, forever is a long long time and you have to do something with it,

So the new questions becomes,,,,,,,, hmmmmmm..... what do I want to create next? Who do I want to play with and how'm I gonna BE?

That's why God is love.... because you have to be something forever.
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