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TOPIC: Current ET communications

Current ET communications 4 years 7 months ago #4130

  • jacobsntj
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Hello All,

I was curious if there has been any current ET communications with anyone? I found the Handbooks very informative but they're fifteen to sixteen years old, published in 1999 and 2000 respectively. I just finished the Billy Meier contacts Book I, again very enlightening but the communications are from the 1970s. I wish I had something to offer myself but I've had no communication.

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Current ET communications 4 years 6 months ago #4135

  • JohnAdams
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Check out Dr. Stephen Greer...He can call em in and has a cd you can buy that will show you how to do it...I bought it and tried it 1 time but didn't work for me and a friend but that was just one time...It might work if you did it every day for a while...
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Current ET communications 4 years 6 months ago #4136

  • epss
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Just adding my two censt to this topic.
I see that very often people is "anxious" by ET communication.

There has been some confusion and much «show off» by some in the web that claim communicate with ETs!

Some things that most should realize about it:
- Each one should ask himself the reason why one wishes to communicate. Is that with purpose to fill some emptyness of their lives with emotions to feel «alive» (like seeing a good thriller movie)? Something to contemplate..
- Also, there are several type of races that visit us, so if you try to communicate with laser or lights, you do not really know their intentions...some intentions are very questionable, please keep that in mind!
- If you really wish to be contacted only by those benevolent ones, you do not need such methods like propagated «falsely» in the web. Instead, please ask in your «soul» for guidance. You may be sure that benevolent beings will know it (through vibrations or ressonance from your energy/soul) and wil support you on some guidance during dreams or awaken meditative states, etc.
- This interactive effect also might come indirectly from the interactive effect called sometime as "morphic ressonance" that truly exists constantly in our holographyc cosmic reality and results from the "balance of the whole" which is very interactive. That means, the needed guidance comes also from a "colectlve memory card" that possibly exists since Cosmos existance itself (at least the current Comos version!). The same exact nework used by old Xamans since ancient times, where they also picked some knowledge and guidance.

In resume: other than this, I cannot assure you will contact with the ones you expect.

Hope this helped!
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Current ET communications 4 years 6 months ago #4142

  • AlioMcDavis
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Thank you for opening up this very important discussion. The words of EPSS in that reply to your question are gold! Remember that that true assistance that is non abusive and non intervening will be in the forms of contextual informations, wisdoms and loving guidance that steer us toward becoming the powerful and responsible creators of the new Earth experience.

The wise remain hidden and communicate in hidden ways because wisdom is not valued by most in this scenario and wisdom poses a threat to those resource explorers that claim rights to our beautiful world. Those nonhuman, non caring biological and mineral resource miners easily manipulate our hopeful and blind trust via a myriad of well tested and proven take over and control techniques. I suggest a resource for a necessary and greater understanding of our situation that is available for free at "THE BRIEFINGS"

I suggest this to more deeply understand the nature of our project and of the deceptive nature of the extraterrestrial interventions,

Blessings on our paths!
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