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TOPIC: Meeting up with others Awakened

Meeting up with others Awakened 4 years 8 months ago #4100

  • Mathieu
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My last post was about organizing a meeting. As I mentionned, I live in Montreal Quebec Canada, but have no problem traveling down to the US.

I officially volunteer myself to organize a meeting. However, I imagine that nobody will want to openly share information online which is totally understandbable. As such, Doug, could you act as a go-between for all of us?

We communicate to you our information and I can contact you to get poeple's info. When I call the 1-800 number are you the person who answers? If so, a quick call should start the process.

Since the goal is not to organize a convention but to meet in small groups, we could meet on the basis of proximity and Doug you could be the one keeping track of that info. (Yes we do have the option to display where we live on our profiles, but few ever give any details as to where they live thus making it difficult to organize.)

I already know two people in Quebec and have met one of them physically. I am anxious to meet more.

If this arrangement seems acceptable to you, then please reply to this post with your intention.


Lets make it happen...intent and focus!

With Love,

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Meeting up with other Awakened 4 years 8 months ago #4102

  • L.N.
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Hi all.

Mathieu, I have been searching in my e-mail account what was left of this thread. I put it (sort of) back together with what I have, copying and pasting from my e-mail the things I hadn't cleaned up there yet. So I am re-posting some of the missing material underneath. This is all I got.

16Nov14 - Newlyawake:
Have any of you given thought to a mass meetup of us? Is there any way to plan/execute such an event? I would be ineterested in seeing and speaking to as many of us as I can. Time is short and we need to be able to help each other.

Any thoughts?

16Nov14 - Jacobsntj:
Hi Newlyawake,

I'll often thought of the same thing and have posted on this site many times asking if other people lived where I pitch my tent. I did get a response when I lived in Philadelphia from someone in New York City but ultimately we did not meet. The next best thing is try to catch George Green on his lecture circuit. I went to listen to a talk in New Orleans a few years ago and got to meet others of like mind. :cheer: But I'd certainly love to meet all the fanatic and amazing people who post here as well.


24Nov14 - R.Z.:

You'd need a cloning machine to make the few of us around here into a mass. ;)
We're scattered around pretty good, too – so a meetup would be no small endeavor!
"Where there's a will, there's a way", certainly applies here, so ... you ready to
be our event organizer, Newly?

I think you're going to find more & more folks coming into your awareness who are
very much awake (even if 'awake' is only in one or two narrowly focused areas ...
these are still degrees of awake). The isolation will fade as you find more & more
'others' locally - they're out there, just waiting for you to tune-in!

24Nov14 - Newlyawake:

It just seems so perfect to meet up with people you KNOW want to be awakened rather
than the process of finding them in your own personal life. I find it is hard going
breaching the subject myself with people I know. For whatever reason "DISINTEREST"
seems to be the name of the game.

I would love to be an organizer of some kind for a get together... I feel with all
the truth has given me through awakening it is the least I could do. Perhaps we can
take a poll to see where we are scattered as you say

2Dec14 - Mathieu:

I have been waiting for this opportunity for a while. I live in Quebec, Canada but I
would not mind flying down to the US. I imagine that many of you are in the US
although like RZ mentioned, we are scattered around.

Newlyawake, if you want, I could help you. I know a few people in Quebec (one of
them actually was the contact to translate the handbook in french. (George knows
that person)

Anyways, I believe it would be am really good I mentioned I have been
waiting for that. Like many of you being unable to share with people around you is
not an easy thing.

What I would suggest is for anyone reading this message to reply so we would know
who would be interested.

Also, please mention where you live.(Sate or province is need for more
details) The next step should be to suggest a timing (I believe a weekend would be
better). As for the WHERE, We should probably wait until the we find out where
people live.

If we do need one central point of communication, what do you guys think of the 1
800 number for global insight, the person working there could be of help as well

What do you think?

I really hope this will happen.

We are human becoming, help us to become

Thanks to all! With love and compassion.


3Dec14 - R.Z.:

Slid this over to the "general discussion" area, since we're not really at the
"announcement" stage yet.
I'm in the Nashvile, Tennessee outskirts & would be willing to travel to meet.

This is it. If Douglas or Douglas would be so kind as to slid Marthieu's recent post to this thread, please, then it is all nice together again. TY
Be aware!
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Meeting up with others Awakened 4 years 8 months ago #4103

  • R.Z.
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Thanks L.N.! Well done.

So with that rocky start, let's re-begin to put a small meet-up together.

I am happy to act as a repository of sensitive information, should 'the other' Doug not be able to do that for us. I can be reached at (615) 8three8-89five4; rz-at-yaitsme-dot-com; or snail mail to 136 Turner Street, Ashland City TN 37015.

Look forward to meeting some of you!
- Doug Long (aka R.Z.)

(PS: If telephone is your preferred contact method - you'll need to leave me a quick voicemail on the first go-around ... once I know it's not a bill collector calling, then I'll answer.)
You are the saviour you've been waiting for!
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Meeting up with other Awakened 4 years 8 months ago #4104

  • webmaster
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Organize?? ME?? Have you seen my basement?? Don't even THink about getting into the garage. I am a P I L E R. I make piles. The biggest pile is the 'do it later' pile. Only when the piles catch on fire do i take immediate action. Like when the server crapped out. That got my attention in a heartbeat.

I have emailed the other Doug and gave him my blessing to be the organizer-coordinater of the meeting event. I AM in cantact with George Green and when it appears that something concrete is taking place I will be happy to try to coerce him into attending - or timing one of his interviews to coincide with the meeting. No guarantees, he is abroad a lot of the time but who knows?

Thanks for putting your trust in me after my latest screw-up and, no, I am not the one that answers the nohoax 800 number. That gees to the warehouse where the books are shipped from.

I hope you are able to work the details out. I will be watching as things develop, I possible could move conversations from one area of the database to another with a bit of effort if you find it necessary. Just let me know

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Meeting up with others Awakened 4 years 8 months ago #4105

  • Contemplative
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Chance would be a fine thing, but any near or future opportunity for me to visit America is very remote indeed.

However, regarding our subject thread here, feel free to also contact me:


I am currently residing near London, UK, but have a 2nd home in
Thailand, where I live half of the year.

Wishing all you folks a happy 2015 year and enhanced awakening.

John (aka) Contemplative.
Contemplate for Enlightenment
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Meeting up with other Awakened 4 years 6 months ago #4131

  • Mathieu
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Not sure if I should be doing that..but It seems that if we don't take risks, we won't amount to anything. So here is my personal email address : mathieu.bertrand at gmail dot com I WANT TO MEET YOU. I live in Quebec, but can meet you guys anywhere in the US.

Doug, anyone else, the ball is in your court. I will organize the meeting.


My phone number will probably change soon, but here is my phone number : 514-817-2285

George, if you you know anyone else who is looking to meet other people, here is the chance.

Waiting for your responses.

With love and compassion

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