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TOPIC: Here is a great opportunity to USE your power

Re:Here is a great opportunity to USE your power 8 years 2 months ago #1653

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Well I must admit, in the current societal paradigm, discord is usually associated with hostility, and the agreeable tendency is pretty strong in me.

When you consider in lots of detail what the message could mean, and not what it says, I can see your point, and you defend it well. I\'ll read again and give it some thought, but upon first glance you must admit it doesn\'t really resonate anything of value to the project, other than the conservation of your own vehicle. (Not that you\'d be much use in the third dimension without it)

Self defense is important, and I don\'t want any women to be raped or killed, but we\'ve been playing this game for a long time. To be prepared for hardship in the current paradigm is necessary, and overlooked in many many ways by us all (I haven\'t any more than one cupboard of canned food from the garden) but instead of focusing on that we should be putting our heads together to speed up the process so we can get through. Leave the danger preparation for the survival forum. There are LOADS of those, in comparison to this one small sliver of ground crew gathering.

As for if George himself posted it, I will say I appreciate the thought, as I grew up with women and love women (much like Prince loves women, if you can imagine that, haha). I can only paraphrase, but the handbook says have little interest in the dark plans of the aggressors, know of them, but don\'t spend time focusing on them. And the message is what is of most importance, the messenger doesn\'t mean much to me. (Credibility could matter in another case, but in this specific one, the messages really do speak for themselves, and do what they promise by sending help in the forms of positive reinforcement, I recognize this every day)

I feel as though I\'ve gotten off course, so I\'ll end my piece there. I love the conversations we have, and I\'ve always had thick skin, so throw discretion to the wind and let loose with whatever comes to mind, I promise I won\'t be angry or hold a grudge over something so silly.
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Re:Here is a great opportunity to USE your power 8 years 2 months ago #1660

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Re:Here is a great opportunity to USE your power 8 years 2 months ago #1677

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Great info George, I copied it and sent it out to all of my contacts...Thank you and Bless you as well...
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