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TOPIC: Food For Thought \" My Take on The Future\"

Food For Thought \" My Take on The Future\" 8 years 7 months ago #1360

  • woodfoe
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Did you ask to come into the world?
That is, did you ask God the creator to come into existence? Of course not. You were brought into existence despite yourself. Since this is the case, why should God respect your sovereignty when you don\'t even know your right from your left. When you may be evil according to God\'s standards. Why is it we have prophesies in the world, many which have come to pass? If the future is already known, it stands to reason everything has been \"planned\". Don\'t worry your not a robot. Your a cyborg. A living soul inside a carbon based machine. At least for the time being, until the matrix runs it\'s course. The matrix is the womb in which God\'s creation is formed.
I don\'t agree with the idea that we will be recycling through reincarnation for all eternity. I do think \"the one will be taken, and one will be left behind\" event will take place, before the sort of events that Mr. Green talks about that are so urgently about to happen, happen. I don\'t think God is a God of perpetual suffering nor are we left to our own devices. If we were left to our own devices we would never choose the right thing for ourselves. I think we do find oneness with God through metamorphosis and lessons learned in a world of duality and polarity. We will achieve oneness and parity with God when there is no longer a threat of any kind. When absolute peace reigns supreme, we will be able to be one with God, creator. We can only achieve this peace with perfect love.
Once everyone is on board through completion, we will be able to live in harmony in a new place. Will we mess up the new place. No, we will all be new creatures devoid of evil and complete in love. In today\'s world the creator is about to destroy those who may have been around a long time who enjoy dominating others. They will suffer a great deal, thus cleansing their souls to a degree, and their memories will be erased, where they will be reincarnated as new people with no recollection of a past life. I myself have awaken realizing that I had a past life but don\'t have any recall of that life. My memory was wiped out so I could become a new person and forget the sufferings of the past which in many cases are very traumatic. The creator has always provided a place for his people. In the end when all souls are on board we will have a place to be. Not only to be, but to be with each other, sharing the love we have perfected through God. People are social creatures, created to enjoy things like music, and also dance. It only stands to reason that this will continue once all souls have reached completion. Music and dance is not the only activity that will exist in the new place there will be sex.
The one new activity in the new place that will keep us going, enjoying, and be able to go through out eternity, is a new form of sex. You see everyone will be married to each other, although you will retain your soul mate. There will be no jealousy in a perfect world. Christ will be married to the mystical church. Christ the Godhead will be in body form just like everyone else. How better to fellowship with his people. There are many mysteries here, but suffice to say we will be in the higher dimensions in spirit and body form. I think one aspect of knowledge I have been privy to is after incredible sex, the souls unite to experience great intimacy and ecstasy. The kind of which make the hair on you arm stand straight up. Along with this we will see the beatific vision. The face of God, only we will see the signature beatific vision of each other. This experience performed without any inhibitions, because they will not exist , will make everyone think and say \" I hope this never ends\".
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