Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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TOPIC: Midwest Staged Disaster!

Midwest Staged Disaster! 8 years 7 months ago #1333

  • Rokku
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Factions working inside and outside our corrupt Federal and State Govts are deliberately orchestrating a \'Staged Disaster\' in the upper Midwest starting with the Gavin\'s Point Dam.

Our group has known for some time that this kind of staged event would take place in the upper Midwest, but now the intelligence reports are painting a precise picture of what is actually going to take place. Everyone in the Midwestern USA downstream from these dams is in GREAT DANGER. The corrupt Govt is deploying troops into these areas to in anticipation of a great catastrophe, but without warning the general public! Their plan is to \'divide\' the USA by a great wall of water, until the ELE dwarf star gets here and liquifies the entire central USA from Louisiana to Michigan. The salt dome under the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana was destroyed during the Gulf Oil Crisis, so that ELE will shake the entire region and cause the entire region to collapse! Check out the motel rooms in the Midwest to see if you have troops everywhere with orders to remain there until 7/7/2011. Then explain to me WHY they are staying in those rooms away from their families for two weeks?? They know the Gavin Point Dam is wired with explosives and they also know that dam has cracks that can let go at any moment. If the dam does not break by 7/7/2011, the plan is to detonate the explosives and cause the \'Staged Event.\'

Had a dream last night, about you, about life... Can you tell me what that means?
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Re: Midwest Staged Disaster! 8 years 7 months ago #1339

  • JohnAdams
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Not surprising...our government just admitted to giving 30,000 guns to the Mexican drug runners and not one thing has happened to anyone in charge...I honestly don\'t know how the masses stay asleep
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Re: Midwest Staged Disaster! 8 years 7 months ago #1343

Well there is a suprize. we knew they had something to do with the oil spill but i just diddnt know why they did it until now its shocking the peope will wake up but only after a disaster its going to be a nasty shock, its only a matter of time and with the guns in mexico they will get away with it well lets be honst they wont arrest them selves will they.
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Re:Midwest Staged Disaster! 8 years 6 months ago #1373

Hi guys i found a couple of intresting videos or documentrys

1 THE SECRET- its about positive thinking

2 tHE 11TH HOUR - its about the tipping point for gobal warming staring matt damion.

3 ZEITGEIST MOVING FORWARD- its about goverments and world deut crisis.

I recomend watching all 3 i downloaded from
The first video the secret is what david wilcocks talks about in his interveiws.
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