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TOPIC: Universal Laws

Universal Laws 9 years 9 months ago #41

I just wanted to touch on the subject of the Universal Laws because I dont see them talked about directly very often. The Laws are talked about a lot in the Handbook but I know it may be hard to understand at times or difficult to see how they fit into a certain situation. These Laws are what governs Craetion and are what we should practice living by so I wanted to hear everyone\'s personal take on this subject.

I want to first talk about the third Law, the law of allowance. For me this is very imporatant and usually difficult to follow. I get two main things from this Law. First is the act of allowing creation to run its course. Focusing our intentions and actions toward what it is that we want to manifest and having faith that it will come to be. In this we must also remember that creation does not work on our timeline, so in the birthing process we must do our part and allow creation to do the same. The second part of this Law is allowing other people to walk their own paths. In this day and age its hard not to want to control aspects of other people\'s lives, but we must understand that we are only responsible for ourselves. It is easy to look at someone else and tell them everything we think will make their life better or what they can do to contribute more. This may help some people but we can not force people to follow our opinions, or the info we share, or any guidelines that we may have for our own lives. The most we can do is plant the \"seeds\" and allow them to grow on their own accord.

So this is a summary of my take on the Law of Allowance. I would be more then happy to hear anyones opinion on this law or any feelings on the other ones. Share how you have used the Laws in your life or how they have worked for you. I just wanted to start a discusion on this topic so we can all get a clearer picture of this important subject.
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Re:Universal Laws 9 years 9 months ago #44

I wanted to continue the talk of universal laws to get some feed back. I talked a little about the Law of Allowance in my last post. So i will open the floor once again for anyone who wants to share their experiences and ideas about Attraction, Intent, Allowance, and Balance.
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Re:Universal Laws 9 years 9 months ago #46

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Hello again PR -

I\'m glad you weren\'t too frustrated by the lack of immediate response to your first post. I hated not being able to contribute anything of value to this thread already, but I feel there must be plenty of folks out there who can speak more intelligently than I, on this subject.

Personally - I have been focusing my effort on \'balance\', lately. While the handbooks tend to list this item last on the list, I recognize that what is being described is a cyclical process and as such I feel that balance should be the first (and last) part of the equation.

Without balance, our intent can\'t be based on a solid foundation.

Now the direction I\'m about to take this may not be quite what the handbooks are meant to imply, but a rich diversity in layers of meaning are one of the things that make our existence here such a joy - so here\'s one thin layer of possible interpretation:

The concept of balance implies that there are extremes which can result in imbalance - extremes of light and dark, to borrow the often used analogy - good and evil, if you prefer. Those who find their way to this material (this website, and the handbooks) will undoubtedly feel the urge to \'work for good\' or to \'defeat evil\' ... to become \'a lightworker\' ... whatever terminology applies.

The point I\'m clumsily groping towards here, is to always remember that we are dualistic creatures - we all have within us the capacity for great good and equally great evil. Recognition of this reality is a precursor to finding balance. Denial or suppression of our \'dark side\' may be the path of religious zealots, but one does not have to look far to find shining examples of these types, whose hypocrisy is both repugnant and evident to all but themselves.

Notice that even in that example - the religious hypocrite - balance is achieved (although not harmoniously). As the zealot strives for greater good, greater evil finds it\'s way to the surface.

Universal law will bring balance - it can come effortlessly with allowance, and it should always be at the center of intent.
You are the saviour you've been waiting for!
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Re:Universal Laws 9 years 9 months ago #48

Thanks for your response R.Z. I am happy that you brought up balance because it tends to be the one law that I try to work toward but end up focusing less on it. Using the other laws will bring you into balance and harmony but those laws must be used with balance. So I understand when you say balance could be the first and last law. I\'m always trying to see how the laws are further intertwined so I appreciate your input on this
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Re:Universal Laws 9 years 9 months ago #59

Throughout the handbook series it is stated several times that a basic but clear intent and purpose for humanity\'s experiences in the new paradigm must be held in our minds and hearts. This intentional purpose would consist of what the whole of humanity would desire as the final outcome of the new paradigm. This clear vision would allow the Law of Attraction to gather the power, people, and situations needed in order for it to manifest into reality. Obviously each individual focus would not be exactly the same but it would have the same basic end results. I always kept this in mind but I did not fully understand it until I read section III-26 in the last book (Becoming.) In this section an example was given that helped me develop my own clear intention and purpose. My focused desire for the new paradigm would be that humanity is able to live and love responsibly on this planet without the control of other peoples or outside forces. This is basic enough and I believe a good desire for the final outcome that could develop into reality. I wanted to share this and ask for anyone\'s input on their personal purpose for the new paradigm. I\'m sure their are no wrong answers as long as it falls into the flows of creation. So please think about and share what you feel about this matter I would love to hear what my fellow humans becoming desire and to expand/ build upon my viewpoint on this subject. Thank you all in advance for your input and I hope this helps you focus on manifesting the future lives of humanity like it has now helped me.
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Re:Universal Laws 9 years 6 months ago #132

Attraction - you get what you give. you get what you focus on. Focus on being in that place you want to be or whatever it is and the emotion of it will follow. But, if you focus on what you don\'t want, the negative emotion will follow. Create what you want by focusing on what you want.

Intention - what is your real intent behind your focus. In other words you could say to your friend, \"yea maybe I\'ll go to the beach sounds like fun i\'ll let you know.\" even though in your mind you\'ve already decided you don\'t want to. this simple example can explain many life situations. sometimes it is obvious, we have a decision, other times things appear random, but the laws are behind the cause. where the focus is, the intention is. This is, in my opinion, one of the most subtle and powerful laws. Use it carefully because what you desire will manifest at some point, good or bad. We have the power to produce good and evil, because of freewill.

Allowance - I agree this is a very important law. I like the description of allowing people to be the way they are, as this is the oppostite of how it is in our society. I feel, however, that as far as the application of this law goes, detachment from outcome is the most important thing. Using phrases like \"for the highest and best good for all concerned\", and \"creating a win-win situation for all\" are extremely important. What you do is have your attraction and intention, your focus, then attach one of these phrases so good comes of it, detach yourself from the outcome which keeps you emotionally stable, instead of emotionally compromised. If you become emotionally compromised, you can sabatoge your success by becoming negative, stay positive all will be alright.

harmony and balance - sit back and enjoy your work, you did it! successfully applying the laws leads here, it\'s where the planets going, its where we are all going, lets hear it for the ground crew! and all those involved in the creation of this new paradigm, including the chaos group, everyone on earth according to the handbooks. Hooray!

\"We are Humans Becoming Help us to Become.\"
I will create this new paradigm, who will stand with me, who here among you will seek out others and create a group, really do it.
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