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TOPIC: No one will join me in Becoming

Re:No one will join me in Becoming 6 years 9 months ago #3342

  • justme83
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I suppose it is part of the letting go and letting in of higher consciousness not to worry about this kind of isolation but I admit it still very much troubles me. I almost feel like I am cheating on my fiancee or something because he can\'t/won\'t share in this journey with me. I\'m confused as to why I feel this way
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Re:No one will join me in Becoming 6 years 9 months ago #3357

  • ismeedee
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I understand you completely. It\'s the same for me. I tried not to get upset and angry at my husband for not listening when I told him about it. But I just felt so hurt and isolated when he snapped at me, \'no, I\'m not interested in it. I don\'t believe any of it. The world is not changing. I can\'t change it and you can\'t change it.\' He has now left me. Not just about this of course, it was me evolving before I found out about the handbooks and we are just too far apart now. It\'s very, very, very hard!!!!
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Re:No one will join me in Becoming 6 years 8 months ago #3603

  • L.N.
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Hi ladies,

Reading your posts above, I have the feeling that I understand you. Women are very sensitive and more spiritual than most men. Reasons for this can be found in history, which led to the position that both men and women occupy today. With this also came learned attitudes which installed certain “characteristics” (i.e. for women: guilt) in both sexes. (I abstain from a discussion – I rather deal with the issue and work to change things for the better – especially when current habits no longer serve us.) May one expect that at the moment everyone can keep up with all the things happening today? More and more humans are waking up – however, how many don\'t want to see? It seems to me that there are quite a few and unfortunately among them are our close(st) relatives. Fortunately many men wake up too; as you can see on this forum.

I feel it is impossible to get people “going” by inviting them to participate in actions that change things for the better. There are those I haven\'t seen ever since I brought the subject up. I guess at this point we are too different to be together. (There\'s the free will again – each decides for her/himself.)
This situation differs of course from yours, but imho it has similarities in how to handle it.

We can make a steady change for the better happen – by changing ourselves into more understanding and loving beings. Others will be drawn to these more loving and understanding thoughts and so it will spread and grow. Still it would be nice to have a loved one with the same mindset. To be able to meditate with others, preferably the ones dear to us, is still very desirable.
I\'m sure you overcome the current situation and you will grow because of it, even though it surely won\'t feel like this to you at the moment. These things are happening to us, humans, so we can take lessons from it. Easy said, hard to live... Most humans desire company. If no suitable companion is available, humans may experience feelings of loneliness – missing something, feelings of being incomplete. Today many walk out of a relationship easy, because they can. If they cannot cope with certain things happening within their relationship, instead of taking responsibility, they walk out and find themselves a new partner. Taking responsibility is to learn why these things happen and what they mean. Contemplating, you may find a way to deal with them. That corresponds imho to the fact, that some situations are not serving us and that we would be wise to individual and collectively change them. Being (temporarily) “alone” doesn\'t affect our tremendous value as a human. Just sharing my point of view. Dear ladies, love and courage to you both. Bless you.

Maybe a little out of place in the former context, but to keep it to just one post, here\'s a link:
The info about this peace meditation can be found on this page. The meditation is meant to help bring changes about all over the planet. There are at this moment 29523 members on Global Insights,; among them there surely must be those dedicated ones who will partake in the global events provided on the site of the above link. Wouldn\'t it be nice if at least a few hundred (more is better!) of us join in? It would be very beneficial for all of humanity.
Be aware!
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