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TOPIC: Information From George Green: True or False?

Information From George Green: True or False? 7 years 2 months ago #2422

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Information From George Green: True or False?

The right question for you to ask is: Is George Green\'s information true for me?

The concepts, ideas and insights presented by others including George Green are not inherently right, wrong, true or false. The concepts, ideas and insights argued by us on this forum are also not inherently right, wrong, true or false.

The purpose of website and this forum is to impart knowledge from each other that can assist us all to know for ourselves if the information given to George and others is a greater truth. No one on this planet can own the truth. What each of us as individual people believe in is not truth for another to believe. The \"greater truth\" is not found in \"what\" we believe, it is found in \"why\" we believe.

If you explore why you believe what you believe it will reveal how your reasoning of beliefs is affecting you and others as false knowledge that greater truth is hidden. All of our own imparted information on this message forum is sure evidence of that. What we believe in, or have knowledge of, has given no answers to others of \"greater truth\". Seeking truth from information is resistance to know truth; faith and hope about information is resistance to learn truth and the resistance is futile. Learning the truth \"of\" information is knowledge to gain wisdom and the knowledge is useful.

Which is the point of this forum - A continuing process for George Green, you and me to understand that all our shouted knowledge of \"controlling elites\" and their evil doings are tools for learning truth not the tools that teach truth is hidden. All our individual inputs of information on this forum (and elsewhere) are our energy and consciousness, the underlying only substance of existence, and is the source of all data and all knowledge. So what can be hidden? Answer: nothing not even truth. And that is worth contemplating to gain the wisdom of real truth.

The only thing you need to know is about yourself. Knowing yourself through contemplating why you believe, instead of thinking what you believe is truly the beginning and end of all knowledge. That knowledge, when understood and correctly applied, becomes wisdom. Understand that it is impossible to be a free will life form if your thinking is not biased. How can you freely choose what is right, wrong, true or false if it were otherwise? We make our biased thoughtful choices and no power in the universe can force us to change that thought.

I only impart information to you from my own experiences and my own evaluations. I never pretend to own the truth. Nor does George Green. Evaluate sincerely with your own understanding and honesty and try applying my ideas and those also given by George Green and others. Whatever works for you, good. Whatever doesn\'t, just ignore it.

If information doesn\'t feel right, set it aside temporarily and think for a moment why you believe what you believe and compare both concepts with an open mind. You may uncover a few truths about the meaning of your life.

I sincerely wish you have, because you now understand the greater truth is all around you.

There always was, is and will be open information that gives you knowledge to know greater truth. Your challenge and my challenge is to accept the greater truth staring at us by our own knowledge learned from the information.
Contemplate for Enlightenment
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