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TOPIC: Contemplate Thought For Focus

Contemplate Thought For Focus 7 years 4 months ago #2321

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Contemplate this statement: Thought is

Thought exists as an entity Whole. It has invoked profound philosophy for eons and remains mystery. It has confounded science throughout history and remains unexplained enigma. The focusing on Thought within the concept of Universal Law also remains unfulfilled, thus eluding balance and harmony.


We have reasoned that Thought exists, but can\'t observe it from without. We don\'t know where the outside is. You are mistaken if Thought can be observed from without. You have fallen into belief system and contemplate Thought to be your God or Creator.

We can\'t observe Thought from within either. We don\'t know where the inside is. You are equally mistaken if Thought can be observed from within. You have fallen into belief system again and contemplate Thought to be your Soul or Energy.

Therefore the simple intent of focusing on Thought as a separate entity that is whole or parts causes the unbalance and disharmony. With all it\'s resultant chaos...

I contemplate that it is obvious why our manifested experience as separate individual suffering beings is as it is:
We are the counter balance (the opposite negative polarity) for harmony between non existence (empty, nothing or becoming) and existence (Universe, everything or became).

The negative mysterious force of nothing \"becoming\" interacts with the positive everything \"became\" creating the vibrational motion of balance and harmony which is all together the \"Thought\". If you have fallen into belief system, for you, this is before and after the Big Bang that created the Universe.

I therefore conclude that since Thought can\'t be found in time, space, dimension or anywhere, then it IS time, space, dimension and everywhere.

Thought exists. Thought is. You and me are Thought as ONE. Thought can\'t create: It IS creation. Thought(ONE) is really life, the Universe and everything.
Contemplate for Enlightenment
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