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TOPIC: I need help with this

I need help with this 7 years 5 months ago #2254

  • AJ
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Okay, a year ago, I read the Handbook on the computer, in PDF format, while at the same time playing the audio by George Green.

I decided to purchase all of the Handbooks in book format, because I\'d rather read it on paper, where I can make little notes in the book, and take it with me anywhere I go. (I\'m not a big fan of tablets, it\'s bad enough we hurt our eyes looking at a computer screen).

Anyway, here is my problem.

I\'m afraid to read all of the Handbooks.

Yes, now I know you\'re going to say, \"Well, you already read the first one, so what\'s the big deal?\"

The deal is, when I read the first Handbook, I was a little bit naive.

But when I started reading things about how there are groups of ETs that are trying to control the soul energy, and from George that there are ETs that will give you 99% of the truth, and the other 1% is strychnine everytime, I really started to worry.

The fact is, I don\'t trust these ETs. I have no reason too. I never met them, and I have no idea what their intentions are. They say that they can\'t interfere, and yet they are willing to give us information.

They say that the stakes are so high, but if the stakes were so high, then why would they wait so long to give us this information?

And why did they wait to meet George in order to put this information out?

If some of these ETs live like us, and look like us, what was stopping them from publishing the books themselves?

If it is true that an ET can \"control\" or \"feed\" off soul energy, how would they be able to do it?

Isn\'t your soul energy your \"conscious\"? And can\'t nothing interfere with that? Afterall, part of your soul still remains in the spirit world (non-physical dimension) while you are here in this 3rd dimension.

Then when I read the review on Amazon about the Handbook for the New Paradigm, one of the reviews said that you should actually pray before reading the book, because the ETs monitor you as you are reading it. That creeped me out.

And it was said by George too in an interview, if I am correct. Because by you reading you the book, it puts out a certain frequency. And by thinking or saying the words \"I am a human becoming, help me become,\" can put you in contact with the ETs.

But we still don\'t know their intentions.

They even told George that they don\'t want to awaken him up to too much. Why? What is there to hide?

Clearly there is something that they are not telling him. How do we know what they are not telling him is good or bad?

Now, I have a dear friend who is psychic, and she gets bad vibes from this stuff. She doesn\'t trust it.

And neither do I.

I know that the Law of Attraction is real. That I do know.

I even read \"Ask and It is Given\" and \"The Law of Attraction\", both by Jerry and Esther Hicks, where Abraham channels the Law of Attraction through Esther. And yet, with all of the Abraham material, Abraham never mentions the Law of Balance. He simply says that the Law of Attraction, Law of Intent/Allowance is all there is. There are no other Universal Laws. Just those three.

But in the Spiritual Laws and Lessons of the Universe, and the Handbooks, it talks about the Law of Balance.

When it comes to all of this information all over the place, it\'s hard to know what\'s true and what\'s not true.

So anyway, even though I only read the Handbook once, I\'m afraid to read the rest of the books, and even the Handbook again, because I simply don\'t trust these ETs.

Now I know fear is something that we all have to overcome. But if you don\'t trust something, isn\'t that fear legit? That fear is telling me that I should stay away from something that could bring potential harm.

I could really use some feedback on this issue.

Thanks for your time.
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Re:I need help with this 7 years 5 months ago #2255

  • Contemplative
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You have read reviews of Handbook for the New Paradigm in an effort to reason whether the ET authors can be trusted. My friend, we humans do not reason entirely from the facts.

People use logic, deduction, and induction, to reach conclusions they think are true. Conclusions reached in this way are considered more certain than sense perceptions on their own. On the other hand, if such reasoned conclusions are only built originally upon a foundation of sense perceptions, then, the argument being considered goes, our most logical conclusions can never be said to be certain because they are built upon the very same fallible perceptions they seek to better.

In other words, regarding your present comprehension and understanding of the Handbooks, you have thought, understood and formed judgments by a process of logic. In conclusion you don\'t know if what you have read is true or false, and the mistrust of your judgement is the effect causing your fear.

Where is your nous, my friend? By nous I mean your \"awareness\" or \"spirituality\" if you prefer. Your ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. I am talking about your \"intuition\".

Intuition is regarded as a conscious commonality between earthly knowledge and the higher spiritual knowledge and appears as flashes of illumination. I assert that by definition intuition cannot be judged by logical reasoning.

In other words the truth of EVERYTHING is already known within us. Look deeper within yourself for the answers. Written matter is only logical information or message. \"Trust\" your own intuition to tell you what to believe.

Therefore asking someone to make up your mind for you is futile. Reading answers to your forum questions here are still just written matter and cannot be discerned with logic alone.
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Re:I need help with this 7 years 5 months ago #2256

  • jacobsntj
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Good Afternoon AJ,
I completely understand where your coming from and I believe your fear is justified. I can only base this on my personal experience, and as it stands now, only one other person (that I know personally) besides myself has read the entire series. Reading all three books will produce effects but only if you recognize them. I have certain things happen, none of them negative, while the other person has nothing of the sort.

According to Mr. Green\'s statements, the ET\'s will not divulge who he really is on the otherside. Why this is I do not know nor can I see why this would be harmful to him. I have met Mr. Green and he told the audience that if he did wake up, he would not bother speaking to them. This could be why they don\'t tell him. :)

So, I would advise you to read all three books. The fourth book can only be obtained by going to one if Mr. Green\'s lectures. I have a copy and would happily mail you mine if you wish, but I would read all three books first.

I also know of a medium whom my sister has seen several times, and he says the same things the handbooks say about the soul, spirit, etc. The main difference is he is a Christian, so he would not acknowledge the absence of a savior.

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Re:I need help with this 7 years 5 months ago #2257

  • AJ
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I think the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place.

Let me explain.

My dear friend, who is pyschic, can read people by looking into their eyes. She can tell if your soul is there or not, and whether you are a good person or a bad person. Possibly by the vibrations she picks up.

Now, before I say this, I want you to know that I have nothing but respect for Mr. Green, and I don\'t like talking about him in the third person like this, but I have to let this out, because it is important to the reason why I have not been reading the Handbooks.

She looked into Mr. Green\'s eyes, and told me that she couldn\'t see him at all. I asked her what she meant by that, and she simply said that she couldn\'t read him. It\'s almost like he is not even there.

Now, the reason this creeped me out, is because I know that George was involved in contact with these ETs.

I asked her. \"Is it possible that these ETs could have taken his soul?\" She thinks it could\'ve been a possibility, but she doesn\'t know for sure.

Because she can read EVERYBODY. I\'ve known her for a long time now. She can pick up on the vibrations, and tell what kind of person you are by looking into your eyes. But she simply couldn\'t see Mr. Green by looking into his eyes.

Now, the only two possibilites would be, if you didn\'t have a soul, or you were a clone, because clones don\'t have souls. And I doubt he is a clone.

The reason why this is so important, is because how was I supposed to know that these ETs don\'t have an ulterior motive?

How was I supposed to know that they are not giving us all of this information, to make it easier for THEM to take our souls, or control our soul energy?

We never met these ETs, and we have no idea who they are, and what their intentions are.

This is why I was too afraid to read these books. I was afraid of losing my soul, or having it controlled. Without your soul, you are nothing. It doesn\'t mater if you die, your soul is eternal. But if you lose your soul, you truly are dead.

And in a video, when George talked about some of the ETs trying to control the soul energy, it creeped me out. How am I supposed to know if these ETs are giving us 99% of the truth, but that 1% they are trying to enslave us themselves, by stealing and/or controlling our souls?

When you get into weird and uncomfortable territory like that, you don\'t want to go any further.

And YET, and YET... FEAR is something that we have to overcome. It is one of those things that was in the Spiritual Laws and Lessons of the Universe book. Fear was put on us by the adversay, as it says in the book.

I ENJOY conquering my fear. It is fun to get over things when you know your soul is eternal.

But, at the same time, it is hard to get over the fear of losing your soul, or having it controlled, because, without your soul, you are nothing.

My two biggest fears are:

1. Soul being destroyed by nuclear impact, if we have World War III and we get hit by a nuke.

2. ETs stealing and/or controlling our souls.

I WANT to get over these two fears, which is why I made this topic.

But at the same time, I needed to hear what you guys think about all of this. You can\'t ever rule out the possibility of an \"ulterior motive,\" right?

Now, Contemplative, I appreciate your reply. I really do. You have been very helpful, and you seem like a nice guy.

What do you make of all of this? I can\'t be wrong in feeling the way I do right?

I understand what you are saying about \"intuition\", but I don\'t know if I know how to use that. People say, go with your guts, or you instincts, or your intuition, but I don\'t know if I know how to do those things.

Sometimes I went with my \"gut\", and I wound up being wrong. Maybe because I did it wrong. I thought I was going with my gut, but I didn\'t. I don\'t know. I plan on practicing more with mediation though, I can tell you that.

It took me courage to finally come out with this post. I\'ve been keeping this bottled up inside of me for over a year now. I had to make this post. I feel that there is too much at stake, and if these handbooks are for a good cause, I\'d like to contribute. Otherwise, I would be very unhappy with myself for standing by and doing nothing.

What do you guys make of all of this? Please, your replies and feedback are definitely appreciated.

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Re:I need help with this 7 years 5 months ago #2258

  • R.Z.
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Thanks so much for allowing us to help, AJ!

I don\'t know that I could ever take your questions point-by-point and try to address them here, through my abysmal typing.

I see so much focus on the external in your writings, that I am concerned that you aren\'t balancing with focus on your self.
No - you can\'t trust George Green, an E.T., Esther & Jerry Hicks, ANY channeled entity, me, Contemplative, or even - ultimately - your psychic friend ... YOU are the only one you can trust.

It\'s good that you\'ve recognized \'going with your gut\' hasn\'t always worked out. Now, armed with that knowledge - have you ever taken some quiet time to really dissect any one of those incidents - play it back through your mind - and try to see where/why things fell apart? Oftentimes, it is a lack of \'resolve\', of self-confidence, of TRUST that keeps us from attaining success. Sometimes it is our own fear that gets in the way.

Fear is a paralyzing emotion.

Fear will keep you motionless - it will give you tunnel vision - it will keep you from exploring the dark corners where the thing most needed in the moment may be found.

I know that you mentioned the soul as our consciousness and also as something split between 3D and the spirit world ... but tell me, AJ - have you really defined for yourself just what a \'soul\' is?

This fear of losing a soul - I\'m not sure I understand it. Seems to me that a soul is not some external \'precious gift\', but rather - the soul is the essence of you ... it IS you. How can anyone take that away from you? How can anyone \'control\' who you are (your soul) unless you have first abdicated your responsibility to act for yourself?

The paralysis of fear is that very abdication.

It\'s good that you mentioned knowing the joy of overcoming fear. That task always comes down to TRUST. Trust in yourself - CONFIDENCE - that you WILL overcome.

Right now, I get the impression that you simply need to get a little more comfortable with yourself - with your own understanding ... of everything. Reading difficult books is one way of probing the limits of your mental construct. How can you ever form your own opinion of things if you\'ve never explored them? As you build a broader base of experience - you will build more self-confidence.
(... and if you\'ve built that base on weak foundations, be prepared for blows to that confidence as neccessary \'adjustments\' are pointed out - Do not fear this process!)

Whether you begin this \"Inner Work\" with George\'s Handbooks, or not - really doesn\'t matter to either you or me. All that matters is that you DO THE WORK! Build TRUST - IN YOURSELF! The fear will rush away.
You are the saviour you've been waiting for!
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Re:I need help with this 7 years 5 months ago #2259

  • Contemplative
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OK AJ, lets examine here the underlying meaning of \"soul\" to help you get to grips with your 2 biggest fears.

The soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
It is also a person\'s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.

The above is mainstream definition of \"soul\" which, in reality is a manipulative control disguised as \"free will\" which causes fear:
In the religious realm, free will implies that individual soul and choices can coexist with an omnipotent divinity.
In ethics, it may hold implications for whether individuals can be held morally accountable for their actions.
In science, findings regarding free will may suggest different ways of predicting human behavior.

It is all causal determinism: cause-and-effect. (the controllers sell the lie of soul to get more energy of fear to feed on).
Determinism is the concept that events within a given paradigm are bound by causality in such a way that any state (of an object or event) is completely determined by prior states. Many varieties and philosophical positions on the subject of determinism exist. This includes debates concerning human action and \"free will\".

Free will is the ability of agents (including the concept of \"soul\") to make choices free from certain kinds of constraints.
A strict line of causality fails to explain certain phenomena within human experience (such as free will) that have at times been attributed to the soul.

A human being has no permanent self \"no-self\" or \"no soul\" – also the words \"I\" or \"me\" do not refer to any fixed things. They are simply convenient terms that allow us to refer to ever-changing entities, i.e the concept of rebirth or reincarnation and all the other religious and scientific baggage that the controllers sell us to make chaos.

The concept of \"soul\" is a human lie my friend. If you can get to grips with that, then intangibles such as \"ulterior motive\" or scenes such as \"nuclear annihilation\" will be below you and cause no fear. It\'s not a soul that has a consciousness or sentient existence of its own - it\'s YOU as an \"aware\" entity mysteriously found in human form...

We are not humans becoming separate immortal \"souls\" or \"spirits\" that can be affected by other entities such as ETs or vice versa.
We are humans becoming... meaning we are the essence of \"knowing\" that we \"know\" EVERYTHING.

We are human becoming \"One\" with and as the Universe. Which means we are our own creator as ONE of ALL things.
The ETs are part of us as ONE. We are part of the ETs as ONE. If we as ONE were a \"soul\" then, how can it be destroyed? Including me and you NOTHING would exist!
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