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TOPIC: Working towards N.P. within cities

Working towards N.P. within cities 9 years 9 months ago #20

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Fellow member \'paradigmreality\' had posed this question on the old board just before the changeover ...

Knowing that we might not be able to bring the posts from there over to here, I saved a copy of my reply, which I\'ll paste in here.

Maybe \'paradigmreality\' will expound upon his original question here, since I only cover one or two aspects of what was a multi-faceted question, originally.

So with that little bit of \'setup\' - here was my reply to the question that, as far as this messageboard goes, hasn\'t quite been asked yet!


Good question(s) PR -

Can a new way of doing things be brought about in the midst of our current establishment?
Well - I think the short answer is \'yes\' - it could be done.

However, I expect it could only be done by the same type of slow-paced incrementalism that has brought us to our current situation. This might be possible if what we were taught in gradeschool is correct - that is, that changes come about on this planet in slow progression ... continents drifting by fractions of an inch per decade, humans evolving at an agonizingly slow pace. If that really is how things work, then I guess we\'re about 13,000 years away from the peak that will correspond to the \'valley\' we are currently in - evolutionarily speaking.

Somehow I doubt if anyone who finds their way here believes that version of history, however. I believe the alternative is known as \'catastrophe theory\' - and I\'ve heard that there\'s a flash-frozen mastadon or two out there who tend to validate this view of how changes come about on this planet. Working with the theory that changes come about abruptly, it is safe to assume that our current establishment will be changed quite quickly, indeed.

If this is the case, then there are many considerations to ponder as we try to prepare ourselves for what may be coming. I have heard many theories on how \'the shift\' will come about, and if one theory is right - then we have nothing to be concerned with - change will come about seamlessly, and dark energy will \'fall away\' leaving us in a new existance, free from the concerns of our current world. Of course, as the handbooks point out rather often - it is in our best interest to prepare for what I would call \'a bumpy ride\' during the transition phase.

Back to your example of urban Seattle - if change came about abruptly to the people of your (or any) city ... do you think that most folks will react with calm poise? I think most people will fight to hang onto what they once knew - those who cannot accept change may go mad early on, those who cannot adapt to it may go crazy just a bit later. In light of these possibilities, an urban center is not my first choice of places to be when \'the shift\' occurs.

That being said, it is also important to remember - as it has been stated (elsewhere on this messageboard, I believe) - that the \'era of the lone wolf\' is over. Survival may (and I stress \'may\') be possible alone - but who wants to settle for \'survival\' ... personally, I\'d like to \'thrive\'! For this, it is becoming evident that the support of our fellow man will be required. So if relocation is something you are considering - keep community in mind as you seek greener pastures ... and follow your heart.

In closing, I\'d like to quickly address the phrase used in the closing sentence above (referring to the original question - now lost in the cyber-ether) - \"overcoming obstacles\". I imagine that this phrase spilled out onto \'the page\' without much consideration, but take a minute to contemplate the implications of overcoming obstacles. To overcome an obstacle, you must focus all your energies on that obstacle until it has been defeated. This puts far too much emphasis on the obstacle, and not the goal. To quote another phrase posted elsewhere on this messageboard (shamelessly stolen from the great Bruce Lee) \"Be like water, my friend\". When water encounters an obstacle, it may at first try to overcome it, but if resistance is given - water will quickly flow around an object. If not around, then over, or under ... even through some obstacles ... water continues on it\'s course, ever focused on the goal of rejoining the sea, where it can be continue its\' cycle of evaporation, precipitation, and once again - flow. While it may not always appear so - no obstacles before us are \'hoover dams\' ... we can flow like water if we\'ll only allow ourselves. If an ostacle before you appears to be an impenetrable dam, remember that even concrete is porous, and where there are pores, water can penetrate!
You are the saviour you've been waiting for!
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Re:Working towards N.P. within cities 9 years 9 months ago #21

Thanks for your response. I do agree with a lot of the things that you said. I do feel that there would be and abrupt change of experience for the masses of people and many will not be ready or will not want to except it. With large numbers of people \"fighting\" this new paradigm they will create chaos themselves so I would not want to been in a city of half a million people who are trying to hold on to the old ways of life. But yes there will be no chance for a person who wants to run and hide under a rock. This must be a group effort by responsible individuals. So i feel that experiencing the initial processes of \"the shift\" would be, for lack of a better word, easier away from large cities if possible. That is not to say that the new paradigm will not happen in a city only that it may be more difficult to get cooperation. Then i will also have to say that i agree with the whole be like water thing because this will be needed. After you brought this up I do see that the statement overcoming obstacles may not have been the best why to describe the process in which i was referring to. I could not have explained it better myself. So once again thanks for your answer.
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