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TOPIC: Has anyone seen this site yet?

Re:Has anyone seen this site yet? 7 years 11 months ago #2010

  • MoonWolf
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There are many different forms of channeling just like there are many different forms of collective consciousness. It will always be based upon individuality interpretation and a primitive mindset related to empathic and telepathic processes. There is no such thing as secrets or language barriers. It can be no different than you trying to communicate with your pet. Neurological Science as we know of it is just starting to tap into those forms of it by distinguishing the differences between consciousness and something that is self-aware. But trying to find consciousness in the brain is like tearing a radio apart trying to find the announcer. It is not going to happen.
I constantly come across people, including

myself, that seem to writing the same types of books or something similar, yet just like all the ancient shamanic practices, do not know each other and are separated by great distances, yet all of their messages and concepts are parallel or the same.

Interesting concept to empathic and telepathic processes here.


Also this latest interview from Kerry is very interesting, yet I have to say goes far beyond what he is explaining that maybe he does not even realize.

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Re:Has anyone seen this site yet? 7 years 11 months ago #2016

  • JohnAdams
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I cant believe it(channeling)...When i was in the state of utopia if anyone would have talked to me it would have been God/Jesus/Jmmanuel themselves speaking to me at that time and I HEARD KNOW ONE TALKING TO ME AT ALL....even still nothing in my meditations i heard nothing but the stillness of the Creator....Channeling is BS.....

In the time i was in this state i new ALL that was to know, and everything there was to come, and channeling was shown to me as bunk(BS), and totally did not resonate in my being or my isness...It is a farce, and all i can do is tell you it is...But, YOU have to find out on your own....KNOW ONE can help you to know these things,it is forbidden, but you have to bring it out from within you, remember he said \"The Kingdom of God is within you\" so it is there you just have to put the ego back where it belongs and humble thyself so that the Kingdom will come out...Read \"The New Earth\" by E.Tolle and you will find your way....
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Re:Has anyone seen this site yet? 7 years 10 months ago #2087

John Kettler was interviewed on Project Camelot and has a great website.


John\'s website;


Please educate yourselves about the fast changing events going on behind our backs. You\'ll never see this information on conventional mass media - (controlled by NWO types). Fascinating stuff!!

We are humans becoming, help us to become,
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