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TOPIC: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 7 years 5 months ago #2263

  • Steven
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Thank you for all the replies,

I appreciate when people communicate their thoughts and reflexions over my original post. It is part of our need to be recognized and appreciated :laugh:

I haven\'t been active much on the site lately, I was busy building up a site of mine where I could gather all my perspective together, with some music and pictures. It is like having a great garden :)

To end this small post, at this critical moment of the human race and earth life, where we can see the gathering of the extreme power of Tyranny setting up its new empire, where we can see the fast awakening of a new human consciousness, more awake, more aware, every ends is possible.

Stay sharp and focused every seconds of your life on a NEW PARADIGM where Life is respected and loved in all its aspect. This is the reason of the Natural flow of creative energy, it was created to chant and glorify the Creator of Life in all its aspect.

Namaste, Steven
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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 7 years 5 months ago #2267

  • Nana
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Hello Steven,
After reading this thread, that you created and all the discussion it stimulated, I have chosen to pull the books out of storage and re-read them.
Do we see things different after we have more knowledge and understanding/ I\'m about to find out-thanks to you!
I also read this series about five years ago, and afterwards turned my computer into my own personal college.
I read all I could on-line, and copied articles I wanted to have on paper to share with others, about every group of ET\'s, the history of the universe both from a sientific standpoint as well as the progression of human-like members of the universe. Spiral notebooks have been filled on so many related subjects and data to back up any question friends and family may have. this went on until it got to where I was asked to give a lecture series at a local \"like-minded \"Church\".

I fell short as a public speaker, yet have shared hours with interested loved ones and aquaintances.

I have no fear of what is to come and from where. I believe we as residence of Earth have lived thru much more than those who might come from other locations in the universe, and frankly I\'m quite sure if you lead with your Heart and a pure soul what have you got to fear!!

Thank you Steve, for starting this discussion. I look forward to reading more of what you have posted and will post in the future.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you.

And So It Is
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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 7 years 5 months ago #2268

  • Steven
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Hello Nana,

Thank you for your comment. My path looks a little like yours, except the part of doing a public presentation, it takes courage. But honestly, if I\'d be asked to do it, I would gladly.

The handbooks series was really eye-opener to me. Strangely, not like many other people, the syntax and way of thinking/writing wasn\'t a problem for my understanding. To the contrary, I was totally absorb by it. For hours, in my day-to-day activities and meditation, these ideas inhabited my thoughts greatly. I went much further then what the books present just by thinking, meditating and daydreaming about it.

The handbooks content was complementary to some other great book that really influenced me, like the Heart of the world form Hans Urs Von Balthazar, Awakening from Anthony De Mello or the Prophet from Khalil Gibran.

I always been in good touch with the Great spirit of Creation, since pretty young. Having lived a rough youth filled with violence, he was my escape and refuge, my shelter and my strength.

The content on the Handbooks are easy to observe in reality and in the Creation, that is why I was convinced the message was genuine. But it was by the practice and application of the Laws of the Universe that I really see its effects and veracity upon my life.

I have a webblog where I write about anything of interest to me, maybe you would like to take a look. Its :

Take care and may the Great Spirit bless your life with abundance and protection.

Namaste, Steven
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