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TOPIC: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Where Focus goes, Energy follows 8 years 7 months ago #1257

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Where Focus goes, energy follows

Hi, My name is Steven and I am new to this forum. I have read the Handbooks series in 2005-6, several times. I was very deep in it for a time. It was a major positive life changer. Here are my thoughts about the Universal Laws and more, all related to the handbook series. I hope you\'ll like it.

The Universal Laws;

It is imperative to understand how it works. Because the ignorance of the Universal Laws is the source of many global problems on Earth. The Universal Laws are directly at play here. The Universal Laws at the consciousness level.


Consciousness is the energy force that shapes reality. What you hold into your mind, your heart, your attitude, the words you choose, anything that emanates from you has a signature, a vibration, a frequency. It goes from yourself to your surrounding just like a signal from a transmitter. We are like antennas, receiving and transmitting continuously. The magnitude of the \'signal\' is proportional to the emotive charge it carries and the strength of the intention. The frequency of the signal is according to the level of consciousness the signal comes from. All signals are intelligent and communicative. If I feel love for my child while I hold him in my arms, this love is an intelligent signal of high frequency. It comes out of me and crosses everything on its path, loosing magnitude gradually, as it moves away from my sphere of influence. Everyone and everything near me will catch this high frequency signal and will be influenced by it. This is true for any emotion/thoughts. Today, science can measure both signals, from the heart, which is magnetic and from the mind, which is electrical.

The natural flow of creative Energy;

The natural flow of creative Energy is present in all things. It is an infinite and eternal stream of energy flowing through all of Creation. It is the Energetic aspect of consciousness used to shape reality. When your will is in harmony with the will of the Spirit of Creation, your creative power is in harmony with the natural flow of creative Energy. This is inspired, consolidated and will manifest. The actual focus of the Elite to maintain Humanity into servitude and ignorance is opposed to the natural flow of creative Energy. This focus has to be maintained with extreme strength and dedication. Of course we help them unconsciously. But as soon as enough people will focus on respectful freedom, profound peace and mature love, the reality will change for the best. The resonance of their focus with the natural flow of creative Energy will certainly create deep change in reality. This is our future no matter what some might believe.


Being aware of this mechanism and the Universal Laws at work is becoming responsible for what comes out of us. Because when you realize that all emanation from yourself has an impact around yourself, you begin to care about it. You become responsible for what you are and what you cause around you. No more \'it\'s not my fault\' attitude. Somewhat, from an objective point of view, its always our fault.

Law of Attraction (frequency);

The Universe into which the \'signal\' travels is a living being, dark matter is a living being, all of Creation is a living being. The Creation responds to these signals it carries like a mirror (Law of Attraction). It reflects back to the emitter a reality in concordance to the signal originally sent by the emitter. It is the resonance effect when two vibrations enters in synchronicity at harmonious frequencies. In my opinion, The Law of Attraction could be called the Law of Resonance.

Law of Intention/Focus (magnitude);

If someone maintain an intention with sharp focus, a clear idea, simple and visual, using meaningful personal symbolism and feel a clear emotion about this intent, regularly, every day, during a long period of time, this intention will come to be real into this person life (Law of Intention/Focus). It will be different than the original intent sent. It depends on many factors, like the dedication to the focus and the trust in the creative process. The emotion is somehow the magnitude factor of the intention. How much you want your intention to manifest?

Law of Allowance/Trust/Faith;

The trust into the process is of prime importance. You have to trust the process by allowing it freely to happen without interference (Law of Allowance). We interfere every time we think about how it might happen, what will be the steps to make it come to be real. This is a mistake. It simply reset all the creative process. So, it means one have to focus on the ends. What you want. Not how you want it to manifest. Doubt in the process also reset the creative process to take place. It is the Faith that matters. The idea of \"surrender\" here is an awesome parallel. But no worry, it only implies to surrender to the Great Spirit.

Law of Balance/Harmony;

When the process is completed, the person enjoys its result and there is a balance/harmony which settles down the creative energy ready for another build up (Law of Balance/Harmony). Consciousness has concentrate and gather energy around a thought feeling, the focus process did create a tension, a polarization, which will settle down because the Law of Balance will always settle down tension to harmonize Creation.

The Lightning analogy;

I like the analogy of the lightning. When water molecules go up in the atmosphere, it scrubs with air molecules and exchange electrons, ionizing the air, creating a space of electrical tension (focus). The tension between Earth and the cloud newly formed increase as the water molecules evaporates. There is a build up of energy made by an imbalance of electrons between the cloud and the Earth. Just like a consciousness focused on a very precise thought will gather creative Energy around the idea focused. But, if the wind is strong and/or the evaporation of water decrease, the cloud might dissipate and nothing would occur. This is just like a focus not strong enough or/and the trust/allowance not present, it dissipate the build up and the manifestation of the idea does not take place. Nevertheless, the energy is never lost even if the lightning does not appear or the thought focused does not manifest, it will be used for another creative process, it will impact the reality more or less. But, if the cloud accumulates or looses enough electrons to break the resistance in between, the excess of electrons on one side, be it Earth or cloud side, will travel to the other side, this is the lightning (manifestation of the intent). After the electrons in excess have traveled to the other side there is a balance of electrons on both sides and the cloud dissipate, the tension disappears, harmony takes place (balance settle down the process). The process of manifesting reality with our consciousness works pretty much the same way. But if you look closer, you will find that almost anything in Nature works the same way.


The largest part of our consciousness is our subconscious. This part is so important because it does use the Universal Laws just like our conscious part. Sometimes, our subconscious opposes our focus/intention without even being aware of it. We keep focusing hard and with dedication, but nothing seems to work. This is because our subconscious acts during our non-focusing time in an opposing direction. A good example is someone who badly wants to meet a serious lover to build a family. No matter how hard he/she maintained her/his focus, it does not work. After exploring in depth into her/his life, the person realize an event in the past has created a deep mark in her/his consciousness. A belief of not deserving to be father/mother or husband/wife, a belief that family only brings up problems and takes away freedom, a belief that the opposite sex means problems ahead. These are few examples how unconsciously you can disrupt your conscious focus. Be aware of what you believe in, the beliefs might creates a lot of \"hold on\" in your life unconsciously.

Being Awake and Aware;

Being awake and aware is making the unconscious part of our consciousness to become conscious. Increasing the aware part of our consciousness. This can be done by using the Universal Laws. Instead of using the Laws \'to have\' or \'to do\', using them \'to become\'… And first of all, becoming aware. Self conscious of who you are and the universe you live in. This can be the prime desire. It is priceless… Focusing, or meditating on things greater than us really helps to enlarge consciousness. For example, trying to grasp the concept of eternity, infinity, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, like if it were ourselves, does trigger the awareness.

The Mental Manipulation;

The Elite knows all about this. They know about the Universal Laws of consciousness and the power of shaping reality all beings doted of consciousness possess, its a great power. They certainly do not wish the population of the planet to know about it. This is where the corruption in the great religions and the belief systems, often propagating the concept of sin, are very useful to them. This is also the reason why we see such evilness and negativity present in the movie industry, music industry, fashion industry, television, literature industry, etc… The media and propaganda industry are also very productive to maintain our focus and attention on negativity, overwhelming problems, wars, crimes, etc… While we focus on all this negativity, we polarize our focus and the Universal Laws create us a reality according to our focus. So we\'ll get more wars, crimes and pollution for the future… This is how it works. To simple to be true for many people.

The Solution;

What we can do is not complex, but not simple either because many are addicted to the system\'s toys. We have to stop feeding this industry of fear and darkness by focusing on what we want. We just have to drop many, many things the system throws at us. Feeding your soul with garbage from the system polluting your consciousness with image of violence, fear and crime will carve the matrix into your subconscious. It will oppose your conscious dream of freedom and peace. Simply let it go. We create our own happiness. We create our own nightmares, consciously or unconsciously. The solution is to withdraw our focus on the system and maintain a focus on a new free world. Where the basic necessities of all are met and free. Where our time is dedicated to what we like to do and give freely to the community our skills and time.

The beliefs;

Your addictions is probably the most needed thing you will have to drop, if it comes from the Elite and has a purpose to maintain your life as a captive human. The belief system of sin and the prediction of the apocalypse as today\'s reality are also meant to keep our focus on negativity. There are so many things created and corrupted to maintain us in a victim consciousness state and making us believe it’s natural and normal. There are many among us who strongly believe we are deeply bad and selfish. That wanting something is selfish or delusional. That wars and conflict are natural. That crime, poverty and bullying are natural. That competition is good to encourage us to be better at what we do. That there is too many people on Earth. That natural law is the law of the stronger. That we should use a sword against a sword.

While it leads us only to more nightmares, the chains are kept. All these assumptions are not necessary true, but they are real because we believe them to be true. So they manifest in our world. It is all about us… All about our consciousness…

The power of Blessing;

Blessing is very powerful because it is an intention of the highest vibration. It is the intention of the best outcome happening for the blessed. It is what angels do. And you do not need to be priest or have holy water to do it. You only need your consciousness. Remember, it is the Universal Laws at work. Blessing not only respect freewill of the blessed, but simply add a potent positive creative energy to the blessed to improve its life. It is an intention for the receiver to have the best future possible, but also comes back to the emitter by the Law of Attraction.

Victim Consciousness;

This is the type of consciousness we are transcending when expressing a \"personal responsibility\" type of consciousness. Unfortunately, It is the global consciousness Humanity has expressed in its past and it is changing at this moment. It is a consciousness who is driven to \"react on\", \"focus on\" and \"feed on\" conflicts. It justifies itself by \"making a point\", or being \"right among the wrongs\", while it matters not, because the \"good idea\" is always universal. It glorifies itself and tend to push others down because of low self esteem. It appears as savior, but after a while we see the savior beginning to oppress. The victim calls for the oppressor and the savior. The oppressor calls for the victim and the savior, the savior calls for the oppressor and the victim. Driven by the Law of Resonance in a perpetual dynamic that is opposed to real changes. One existence is feed and feeds back the other existence. It is a relationship of victimhood. This type of consciousness cares only about itself. Others are useful as long as they fulfill their distinctive complementary role within the relationship. A savior will care about you if you are a victim, but if you are a savior too, conflict might occur. It is the same when two victims or two oppressors meet. The same individual can switch from any role, savior-victim-oppressor, according to the situation, in a triangular dynamic. We can also switch from personal responsibility consciousness to victim consciousness many times in the same day. It is not static, its very dynamic.

The victim consciousness is made of three major components. Victim-Oppressor-Savior. They all call each other into play because of the Universal Laws. The byproduct of this type of consciousness is irresponsibility. Be it victim, savior or oppressor, everyone puts the blame on someone else, and tries not to be involved into responsibility when it is about to determine the source of the problem. We like to be seen as the source of the solution, but never the source of the problem. This is the major reason why we will not be saved by higher consciousness beings. It is a trap to ask to be saved. Religion pushes forward this mentality and it does no good at all. It calls on the dynamic that brakes evolution and transformation. It doesn\'t free energy, it retains it. The ones we see as \"saviors\" do not see themselves as saviors, but as brothers/sisters with a role of guidance. Seeing them as saviors doesn\'t help them helping us It ask them to get caught into this dynamic of victimhood and because of the Universal Laws, risking to get trapped.

The awareness of the Universal Laws produce another awareness; Responsibility. One begin to care about all that emanates from him/her. Words, thoughts, feelings, attitude takes another meaning because you see it impact on your life at a consciousness level. Its surrounding, its collectivity, its sphere of influence receives the signals sent and respond!. It does indeed shapes realities. Not create, because all the ingredients are already there, we only shapes it. But once responsibility awareness is awaken, one becomes much more vigilant about this mechanism. It helps greatly to see and leave the old victim consciousness pattern. The impact is real, it all comes from our state of consciousness. It is like seeing the rudder, and beginning to use it in the sea of life.

They way of the true prophets and messiah is the way of mentoring. They guide and lead our focus on something else. But the responsibility to get out of the situation and to change for the best is ours. Not even because of Freewill, but because of the Universal Laws.

Laws, Principles and Forces;

It is a way for me to try to distinguish and perceive the logic behind these concepts, that I think are fundamental and true.

A Universal Law cannot be ignored. It is unavoidable. It rules everything living into its boundaries. Attraction/Resonance – Intention/Focus – Allowance/Faith – Balance/Harmony - Transformation/Evolution are Universals in the consciousness realm. I have not the pretention to say it is the only ones and the way I describe them is exactly as it is, Never! I\'m a just a simple man

I see the law of cause and effect somewhat as another perspective of the same laws of resonance and transformation. As for Gender - Polarity - Rhythm.

Freewill is a principle. It doesn\'t mean \"less important\". It is still a Universal principle. But it can be ignored. It does not rule like the laws. It is a principle Creation uses as a guideline or \"as way to be\". It calls for respect and tend to balance things out. We are created free, all of us. But everyone may choose to be \"dependent\" or not to respect the freedom of someone else. It is a logical paradox If you do respect Freewill, you are in Resonance with Creation’s Intention and do use its creative strength. It is how we can evolve to higher state of being.

Love and Fear are Forces. They are sources of power felt in the large spectrum of emotions/feelings. Love is what is expressed by the Great Spirit of Creation to maintain all that exist into existence. But it is also true for us at our level. We feed a reality pushed by a feeling/emotion. If we are born from the thought of Creation, how pure and strong the focus of Creation is to maintain all into existence. This is Love. This is the power of Love. Wanting something is a desire, wanting this thing for Eternity is Love. it can be very creative. It is a Force very present in Nature.

The force of Fear can be also great, but its effect is to retain transformation. It tend to control and avoid communion. It can be very destructive. It is a Force very present in the system we live in. There are two kind of Fears, one that is natural and save your life. The other we create and can kill. One comes from Nature in us, the other comes from the Ego who reacts and plan.


The system we are currently in tries to maintain our focus outside ourselves. For the ones in control of this system of manipulation, looking anywhere but within is good. In order to get in contact with the divinity who dwells in our heart, we need to calm down our mind and make peace with many little wars very active in us. There is a door leading to the crossroad of the worlds inside of us. It is where our soul connect to our body.

The Internet can be a place of sharing information, experience and more, but can turn into a distraction when your thoughts are locked into discussions continuously. Especially when you are not here, but your thoughts are still locked here.

Introspection is impossible when thoughts and emotions are in control. The Spirit (the real essence of what we are) has to be in control, not our emotions, nor our thoughts. The thought I have in my head comes from where after all? is it from my Spirit? or is it borrowed? or some emotionally driven thought? If its my Spirit thought, aware being the creator of the thought, aware that the thought itself will shape my direct reality in my own sphere of influence. But we bath in the Great Spirit, so we do influence the whole somewhat. We do matter, because ultimately, we are all One.

Introspection brings clarity and awareness of things at the consciousness level.

Self observation:

Developing the ability to observe ourselves is important in order to awake at who we are. It is like having eyes floating above ourselves that gives us another point of view. Listen to the words you say in a conversation. Look at the attitude you have in a given situation. Observe the feeling evoked when you are in a reaction state. What are your main thought? Is your focus actually what you really want? Or does it need to be refocused according to what your Spirit want.

Being aware of ourselves helps to awake. Being conscious of something we want to change is the beginning of the end to this problem. But the first step is being aware of it. Self observation is also the way you can see how the Universal Laws are acting in your unfolding reality. Many do not believe in the Universal Laws simply because they do not observe them into their life. When you begin observing, knowing where to look at, you see them at work in large scale as in small scale.

Many conflicts between people gets emotively charged because of a lack of awareness. Then insults may appear. And the Universal Laws drags more insult. The way you treat others send a clear message to the Universe about the way you accept to be treated. If you insult someone, this insult will come back to you, but not necessarily in the form of an insult. Be aware of it and stop the negative process before it gets dangerous. The way we treat others, including animals, is the way we accept to be treated according to the Universal Laws (Resonance)... The Universal Laws does not analyze who is the responsible behind a murder. The murderer will simply emanates his acts, or more widely his fruits, no matter if he is not the one who pays for the murder. The one who stay behind the doors and pay the crime may alleviate his act because he dilutes the responsibility onto others faith, but he remains the precursor of the outrageous act. This is well known by the controllers. They will never engage directly. But will order someone to give someone else an order to someone else until you get the dirty work done. So there is a whole chain of people taking responsibility along the way before the crime is done. This way, they enlarge the loop of responsibility and propagates their mentality of freewill abuse. Self observation helps to get out of these unwanted dynamical loop.

The enemy within;

What bother us in others is what bother us in ourselves. If you pay attention to it, you will notice it. Our own challenge, problem, lack, obsession, addiction, etc... are expressed by others. When we witness it coming out from others, it does bothers us somewhat. If not aware of this dynamic, it can even lead us blindly to a very destructive path. If aware of it, it becomes a lighter game, where you can surprise yourself when it happens saying; Hey! calm down buddy! Don\'t you see its your own reflection here?

We have an unconscious habit to imitate others, even those we do not like. My wife told me imitating is innate. We use it to survive and learn at a very young age. So, it is part of a natural mechanism that has to be known by the young adult. Because once you know we all do it, you can begin to notice it on yourself an have a certain control over it.

It can be conflictual and even lead us to some insanity if not tamed. A latin american theologian once said; \'You have to get rid of the oppressor dwelling in the oppressed in order to get rid of the oppression\'. I remember a colonialist story in Brazil where the Portuguese imperialists were giving status and responsibilities to the ones who were the most rebellious among the Angolan slaves. Often, once in charge of the camp, the new \'little boss\' was more violent and cruel toward his own people compared to the Portuguese themselves. It is a shocking fact, but very real and it draws a good picture at how we do imitate the ones we like to hate.Be aware of it. I often see people having elitist behavior and ideas while they appear as warrior of light. Just look at all these gurus and prophets outhere, you\'ll recognize them easily when they tend to create small groups into larger group, instead of gathering, they divide. Or when they glorify a few of the group, without glorifying the whole group. It creates competition instead of cooperation.

We often talk about the Elite of our world, but we are, very often ourselves, elitists. Under conditioning, we judge and select. We segregate and follow the best. We gratify the success and punish the failures. Of course, the system which we were born in educates us to do so. But it doesn\'t mean we have no responsibility in this issue. Quite the opposite, we have a power to change it, by being aware of it first!

This explains why the Elite is always and still in control. We can get rid of them, but if we are not aware of this unconscious habit, we will replace them by the same kind. A new wave of elites taking place because we unconsciously ask for it… See the pattern and where it really comes from. The mindset has to change before well see a change in the leadership. And it begins to observe it in us first.

This is at large scale, but it is also true at the individual scale. Look at how you behave with your surrounding, you will be surprised how we are deeply indoctrinated. Balance would ask we acknowledge the successful, but also a sincere support to the ones who fail. So the words \"success and failure\" would receive their true meaning. Instead of being polarized and opposite, they would be balanced and complementary... a failure is only a success in becoming, in practice.

The divine is within as its opposite.

Reality and Truth;

I do not have the pretention to be able to grasp or encompass these two concepts. They are greater than me, at least here, in this human form Words are very limited to be able to express it well. They only roughly express the thought. Nonetheless, I will try to draw a distinction between \"Reality\" and \"Truth\".

Reality is not the Truth. Part of the Truth is that we shape Reality. Reality contains Truth and else. Else is... Let me give an example. Time. Time seems very real, even true. Indeed it is real, we all age, are we? Do we? We do here. So, Time is real here, but it is not the Truth. The Truth about Time is that it doesn\'t exist. We created it to navigate and measure in materiality. But the Truth is that only the Eternal Moment exist. And we based Time on movement of three great bodies Earth, Sun and Light. But its all convention, real, but not true.

If the system we live in says; \"competition is an absolute, it is a natural law\". We know it is real. It is even in Nature (but under a very distinctive aspect). It is real, but it is not the Truth. The Truth is that we are the ones who decide. If we choose competition as a \"leitmotiv\" so it will manifest and be real. It is already very present don\'t you find? But The Truth is that we could choose cooperation as \"leitmotiv\", and see it manifesting to become real. The Truth is that we shape Reality, that is the biggest distinction between something real and something true. Reality is about us (all creatures). Truth is about the part the Creator has built and will remain forever.

What is confusing is that we are bathing into both concepts at the same time. We are in Reality, on which we have a lot of control (consciously or not), encompassed into the Truth that will never change. No matter how hard we focus

The Universal Laws are part of the Truth, how we use them to shape Reality is not necessarily the Truth. The Truth is that we decide, a lot more than we could ever imagine.

Reality change. The Truth remains. Stick to the Truth and your power will increase, your freedom will emerge, your understanding will grow. Stick to Reality and you may circulates in circles for a long time.

Pay attention to words, wordings, expressions. Sometimes, they do not express what they really mean. Often, saying; tell me the truth! Really means; tell me the reality! (I used the word time with at least three different meaning in this post, see from where it comes from)

Area of Influence;

Again, my opinion, for what its worth...

We are like antennas. We emit and receive; we are fundamentally being of communication. We bath into a space carrying these intelligent signals. I see the consciousness realm as a sea of very light fluid flowing in all direction. Our area of influence in the consciousness realm, is a space we directly impact around us. I see both, individual and collective, area of influence. Like spheres of different sizes interconnected, moving freely into the consciousness realm. These signals carries both an emotional and cognitive signature. It seems to me that any thought, always carry an emotion, or any emotion carry a thought, as small as it could be.

Our signals creates waves when it crosses distances. A focused thought/feeling seems to be vectorized to a single point, while thought/feeling freely created without focus seems spreading in all directions, with less concentration, but more widely impact, with less power of reaching, but with more universality in its impact.

A little side notes on Attention and concentration; Attention and Concentration are two states of the same focal point. Attention is opening all senses as wide as we can. So, when something passes by, we see it. Concentration is closing all senses to be focused on only one single point. Attention and concentration is opening and closing the same focal point. Some are better at closing it, some are better at opening it wide. But both do not accomplish the same effect in the consciousness realm, both as its uses in a given situation.

Any signals that we catch from others does influence us, be it subtly or not. It create a response, an interaction, in the form of a resonance, a discordance or in between. Through the mass consciousness, we contribute with our own type of consciousness individually. From the state of the mass consciousness, realities for Earth and Humanity is shaped.

Our consciousness is limitless. In this regard, we should search meaning for this world, but also give meaning to this world.

Feel free to add anything you want.

Namaste, Steven
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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 8 years 7 months ago #1259

HOLY SMOKE!! Steven!

This is a PRAYER I was asking for, because my girlfriend tried to read the books on this site and gave up - due to the somewhat complex and obtuse verbiage. She asked me, if I would condense what the books were trying to convey, to her. I was stomped, and thought \"How could I explain this to her?\"

This is the clearest and most detailed explanation I have ever seen.

Thank you for such a concise summary of all three books!! :cheer:

Every morning and evening, and sometimes during the day I meditate on Mindfulness, and Gratitude for all the blessings I have and I expand this thought to all in the world. Not sure if you remember John Bradshaw\'s books on healing the inner child that aired during the \'80\'s on PBS, but that was my first step in being aware of the subconscious and how it affected our daily thoughts and motivation. Today, I practice Vipassena meditation and am very Buddhist in thought and hopefully in action. :) These Universal laws fit so closely with Buddhist beliefs and practice.
Such as, living in the moment, practicing mindfulness and equanimity, respecting all living things, and more.

Thank you again, Steven!!

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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 8 years 7 months ago #1260

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Goodmorning all,
Welcome Steven. Thank you for this post; resonates with me... L.N.
Be aware!
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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 8 years 7 months ago #1262

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I\'m glad the both of you liked it. I first posted it on the Avalon Forum in 2009. I rewrote it lately on the Avalon forum 2. You can see the whole thread here;

Namaste, Steven
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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 8 years 7 months ago #1263

Hi Steven,

I\'ve posted this site\'s and Project Avalon\'s link to my Facebook account. Thank you for bringing this very important info to my attention.

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Re:Where Focus goes, Energy follows 8 years 7 months ago #1264

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Awesome Helen, thank you for sharing it. Let it grow!

Namaste, Steven
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