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TOPIC: The Necessary 1st phase: THE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

The Necessary 1st phase: THE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE 4 years 11 months ago #4154

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"Good Intentions create good actions. A purpose transforms worlds"

Contribute yours.

HERE ARE OUR MARCHING ORDERS. It took nearly a decade for us to evolve to the place to even SEE this, and 2 more years to get the necessity, reasoning behind and power within in the creation of the STATEMENT OF PURPOSE and it's brief ACCOMPANYING OUTLINE. We're ready.

Contemplate this, Form a group if you don't attend one already and begin this. It's for you as much as for the whole of humanity. You are necessary. Completing your mission is the ticket out of here. The STATEMENT OF PURPOSE is a rubber on the road beginning and a giant stride forward for the whole. .
Here are the quotes. It's too much maybe for some, but for the committed, it's mandatory and prerequisite to the next phase:

A simple statement of purpose will arrive at identifying the new genre of experience as the focus of this project.

It is entirely appropriate that attempts to formulate a possible statement of purpose should be made at small group levels. The more of these attempts that are made, the sooner the “perfect one” will stand forth. When that happens, that group will be totally aware that completion has been accomplished for that

There is a growing number of people aware of the paradigm project, but few if any have sat down to play at composing what might be their personal idea of a statement of purpose. It is as though you must wait until you meet in some type of formal meeting to accomplish anything. Where is personal responsibility in this response? It would seem to me that bringing your personally defined idea along with you would bring a different level of intent to a meeting to define a purpose. It was hoped that this would be a natural outcome of the suggestion that you begin this process for your own salvation.

In order to come up with a statement of purpose, the parenting groups must spend personal time visualizing (dreaming) what each can conceive through imagination (going within the mind of God) and then attempting to put it into concise wording. The process an begin with words, then mental movies, then words again, etc.
This would bring into practice purposeful meditation, a wonderful tool of higher dimensions.

Since there have been no new paradigm novels, the theater owner has instructed this producer to solicit new paradigm outlines, beginning with a statement of purpose setting the theme. This is your invitation to participate.

A simple statement of purpose will arrive at identifying the new genre of experience as the focus of this project.


As each of you became involved within this focus and began the process of composing your individual thoughts to contribute a possible statement of purpose, it became obvious to you that the simple statement required to appeal to all of mankind was not simple to arrive at. In the moment of this writing it has not yet
come forth.

it is likely that as the initial statement of purpose circulates, the words will resonate and the wakeup call will be answered. The simple few words, translated into all languages, will resound within and in its repetition it will demand an answer within that cannot be denied. The yearning of all the previous generations denied the freedom to evolve is carried at cellular levels and through the genetic release
is available when the trigger is activated. It is the response by the first few to this pent up yearning that will bring forth the freedom cry that will begin the wondrous process of the birthing of the new paradigm.

It is only the statement of purpose that is necessary. It must then be followed by a slim, concise outline. Fleshing it out will be the adventure of the new future. A very basic outline will not seem to be enough but if more is attempted it will be contaminated with the concepts of the present.

Once the simple statement of purpose is conceptualized it will rapidly reinforce the network that will then already be initialized. When the victim consciousness is transcended, the statement of purpose
will lead individual and group awareness to the next level; thus it must be as simple as the statement of
“I/we/they am/are (a)human(s) becoming, help me/us/them to become!” What logically is the next level of awareness to be encompassed in order to arrive at the ability to conceptualize the skeletal format of
the new paradigm? What words would empower the human consciousness to lift its lethargic self-awareness to resolutely desire to determine its own present and future individually and in unity?
This simple powerful call to the infinite potentiality of creation that is at the magnetic center of the self-awareness of each human is waiting to be tapped.

It is best to begin with the statement of purpose, then a simple framework that can be “painted” in with what is appropriate, remembering what is appropriate for one is not what may be appropriate for all.


Desire, firmly held in mind with emotional knowingness that the possibility of its actuation is feasible, can and will manifest.It matters only that the perception that is held by many is generally identifiable through statements of purpose.

Many have questioned how that, in the meetings of the groups held worldwide, a single statement could arise from the many dream scenarios. Here we have the necessity of invoking the creator presence at each group interaction. In the creator selfcontemplation process, each and all are known intimately.

Though the intent and purpose of humanity as a whole cannot be focused as a cohesive unit, a representative group with clear intent and purpose of representing the whole, can set a process into motion. It is the components of intent and purpose clearly identified as representing a whole and focused upon a defined outcome that attract to it the power to manifest into reality.


What do you THINK?

. .
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The Necessary 1st phase: THE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE 4 years 11 months ago #4165

  • AlioMcDavis
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