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TOPIC: The Islamic reasons for war against the West

The Islamic reasons for war against the West 5 years 4 months ago #4093

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It's really an announcement to understand Muslim Jihadists. Contemplate thoughtfully.

In 1905 Russian professor Sergei Nilus published a full version of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a controversial document discovered a few years earlier. The Protocols are said to be the minutes of a secret meeting of Jewish elites in which a master plan for world domination, to be completed over the next 100 years, is laid out in chilling detail.

The Protocols tell of Jewish control of world banking, world media, Communism, liberalism, and political parties of every type. The master plot includes plans to:

Destroy the Catholic Church and all Christianity
Promote atheism
Wage class warfare / labor against management
Overthrow Czarist Russia
Corrupt the morals of the people
Promote senseless “modern art” and dirty literature
Use anti-Semitism to keep "lesser Jews" cohesive
Manipulate women with ideas of "liberation"
Create economic depressions and inflations
Create "controlled opposition" to themselves
Use state debt as a weapon to enslave countries
Subvert and control all existing governments
Install tainted politicians that can be blackmailed
Manipulate college students with phony idealism
Assassinate world leaders
Spread deadly diseases
Use balance of power politics to control nations
Commit acts of terrorism
Promote sports and games to divert people
Start a world war which will include the USA
Set up world government after an economic crash

Some have alleged that the Protocols were forged by Russian security agents in order to convince the weak and naive Czar Nicholas II of the New World Order's actual existence. Although the authenticity of the document remains in question, world events of the then coming decades matched the Protocols so closely that the document became a worldwide sensation in the 1920's and '30's.

It is unknown by most of the world's people that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are still today widely read by Arab Muslims, and have been read by them since well before the events of 9/11. The Arabs knew who and what is coming to attack them. What they didn't know was that their enemies would first destroy their non usury Middle Eastern sovereign independent money systems to cement Islamic divide and rule. The Western world central global banking system, based on debt Ponzi scheme, was forced into place on the Middle Eastern Arab States. It sowed the brutal internal Arab/Muslim tribal conflict that today make it a lot easier to depopulate, conquer and enslave them for the New World Order.
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